Life In Egypt

My history class is studying ancient civilizations. This piece came to me while answering one of my assignments.


1. Life In Egypt

MY NOME WOLD BE DERORIT and I’d be Hebrew. I’d be traveling towards the West with my family (30 or so),cattle, oxen’s, sheep, and man servants (60 or so), and would stop at the Nile to camp, just North of Egypt. There would be an Egyptian raid of fifty strong on horseback during our slumber and I would lose thirty men and two sons and say it is enough. The Egyptian raiders would turn out to be slave traders. My family and I would be separated, and my men…traded. I would no longer be Nomadic, but a resident of a fine Egyptian master. I would pray to my lord and ask for my family’s protection—I would do so for my servants as well—and my masters other servants would seek to see me put to trial and killed for blasphemy. My master would fight for me, but the offense outweighed the option. I would be lashed many times, and then be thrown in the arena where their beasts lay. I would look up in the arena and see my wife, watching, waiting for me to get torn to bits so that she may clean my remains—she would be the arena janitor, and her master would be its caretaker—a slave rapping Egyptian. I would kneel down on my knees, look up at heaven, and say ‘Glory to the living God I proclaim, the Lord liveth and has forsaken his dear child’, and would be overwhelmed with joy, as the gates of the beasts layer open. Soon, it would tear me to pieces. It would pounce and start at my head. As it bites down firmly, my eyes would soon fade to darkness. A woman screams in crying horror from the crowd, cries of everlasting tears and mourning. Slowly, I would feel a pooling of warn liquid pouring down to my chest. The beast would let me go—my eyes would still be closed. The crowd would be roaring; then, my hearing would be lost—as this occurred, I would tune into my wife’s screams of agony. I can only feel now. A tug to my left leg, then nothing. A tug to my right leg, then nothing. A crunch at my ribs, the pain would be unbearable. Another vice to my head, then nothing.

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