As long as you love me

A eighteen year old girl victoria moves into a new home in London when her dad gets a job there. She had never even heard of one direction till she bumped into niall Horan. She instantly fell in love with him and Niall felt the same. But nialls hiding a secret from her that could mean one direction breaking apart she has to sacrifice so many things, is she going to go along with it or start herself a new life on the other side of the world?

Follow victoria duffield an average teenage girl through her path of her teen life by reading as long as you love me.


6. What a coinsedence

Kimmie and I walk to her class room. I kiss her goodbye then carry on to my classroom . I suddenly bump into someone. I instantly apologized to the nice looking boy who I accidentally bashed. "I am so sorry" I apologize. "no,no worries,any way I am zayn, zayn Malik" he replies. "hi, I am victoria duffield I just moved here from north Yorkshire" I explain. "oh well I will be seeing you a lot then" he says peering at my schedule sheet."yea, you will be !" "what's your first class" he asks politely in the cutest accent. "dance i think". " well I will see you there, it's just across the hall and turn a right corner and it's the first door on the left. "thanks for your help" i say.he just nods and runs to a vending machine to get a drink.

He seemed nice I guess. I follow his directions and end up at the dance hall. The teacher gestures me in and I smile at her. The class drains away. 5......6......7.......8 this way that way to the right the the left. After its finishes I head for lunch. I look around for a spare table. Suddenly I see someone waving at me. Niall! I run over and grab a seat next to him. To my surprise it is not just him. It's the boy I met before zayn and 3 other boys and two girls that must be their Boy friends.
They introduce them selves as Harry Liam and louis. The two girls are Eleanor and Danielle. They smile at me and talk to me about my old home for a bit then I go to get lunch. Niall comes and joins me. "hey Vick" "hey Niall" i reply. "listen, I was wondering if you had plans Friday night, for maybe dinner at nandos?" he queries. "no,I am absolutely free, I would love to". He miles and answers "it's a date". YAY ME!!!!!!!!
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