As long as you love me

A eighteen year old girl victoria moves into a new home in London when her dad gets a job there. She had never even heard of one direction till she bumped into niall Horan. She instantly fell in love with him and Niall felt the same. But nialls hiding a secret from her that could mean one direction breaking apart she has to sacrifice so many things, is she going to go along with it or start herself a new life on the other side of the world?

Follow victoria duffield an average teenage girl through her path of her teen life by reading as long as you love me.


1. Pack pack packing :-(

"Victoria Maxine duffield get down here now" I hear my mother say for like the sixth time in the last two minutes!. "uuuuuurrrrrrghhhh" I moan loud enough so the whole house hold can hear me. My little sister kimmie comes in and says " get your lazy but out of your bed and get down stairs to help us pack this instance". "sorry mum" I say sacastically while pulling a face at her. she just pulls the covers off me and leaves me shivering " it's the middle of winter kimmie, gimme
a break I feel like an ice berg" she just smile and slams the door and leaves. I hop out of bed absolutely frozen and put on a pair of orange skinny jeans And my top that my older siter Paris bought me for my birthday last year. I sweep my carrot colored hair into a high pony tail and twirl it into a bun. I adjust some make up and put on a pair of pearl earrings and I am set.

I slowly get the feeling that my family are disappointed in me over sleeping today since their all lined up horizontally with their arms folded. Kimmie is smiling and discretely poking her tongue out at me. God little 13 year old sister are a pain in the neck to deal with.

"vicky" dad begins but I cut him off " sorry dad , sorry paris Kim and mum that I over slept this morning while you were packing" I say with puppy dog eyes. "we forgive you esmie as you did pack all your clothing last night without us knowing" mum says lovingly. I smile at kimmies dissapointment and she kicks me in the shin and I wince in pain. She just giggles and runs up to her bed room narrowly escaping severe telling off. Why can't my family understand me????
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