As long as you love me

A eighteen year old girl victoria moves into a new home in London when her dad gets a job there. She had never even heard of one direction till she bumped into niall Horan. She instantly fell in love with him and Niall felt the same. But nialls hiding a secret from her that could mean one direction breaking apart she has to sacrifice so many things, is she going to go along with it or start herself a new life on the other side of the world?

Follow victoria duffield an average teenage girl through her path of her teen life by reading as long as you love me.


4. Mystery blonde teen

I get my vision back and get to see the real face of the person that caught me. I jump up and smile. "you alright love" he says in an Irish accent. "yea, thank you so much for catching me or I would have a huge bump on my head for the first day back " " back to what " he ask cutely. "um my last year of school" I explain and he laughs. "what school um ........... Name" "oh yea sorry I am Victoria duffield, I just moved to London today from yorkshire and I am going to oak wood prep. "no way that's my high school" he says excitedly. " we'll I have met a friend already" I smile at him and examine him more. He is gorgeous with deep ocean blue eyes and soft blonde hair and tanned skin. "well I am Niall, Niall Horan" "it was a pleasure to fall in to you Niall, Niall Horan" I say copying him, we both burst into a laugh and when we stop I say "see yah around then" he grins a grin from ear to ear and says "seeyah soon love" and then he is gone. I feel all girly and flirty inside and feel like we are made for each other because I felt something I have never ever felt before. Suddenly I scream in shock when a hand touches my back. "calm down love bird" kimmie teases me. "alright alright " I say agreeing to her question. As soon as we get home I jump into my newly made bed and drift into a calm peaceful sleep. My life has just turned the right corner I think.
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