As long as you love me

A eighteen year old girl victoria moves into a new home in London when her dad gets a job there. She had never even heard of one direction till she bumped into niall Horan. She instantly fell in love with him and Niall felt the same. But nialls hiding a secret from her that could mean one direction breaking apart she has to sacrifice so many things, is she going to go along with it or start herself a new life on the other side of the world?

Follow victoria duffield an average teenage girl through her path of her teen life by reading as long as you love me.


3. Home sweet home

Some one nudges me in the stomach "ow " I yell at Paris who obviously woke me up."we are at our new house!" I sit up with a just to have a look around our new property. It was huge with about 4 stories and an outside swimming pool with a tennis court and 3 acres of Land just ready to be played on. "yay" I squeal with excitement! Paris just laughs and tugs meout of the car. I take my suitcase and two boxes up the line of stairs with a help from kimmie. She drops them at my door and runs down to get directions for her room. my room is on the second floor of the house. I stare into my room. I gasp in shock. The room I gigantic and the walls are painted turquoise my favorite color and match with the turquoise pillows blinds and lamp shade. I set my boxes and cases down to begin to unpack. I open the wardrobe door to find a study with a desk and two doors to the left and the right. I walk through the left door to fung a big walk in wardrobe and in the other was and on suite bathroom with a bath/shower turquoise tiles and a sink with a pink and purple mirror.
I hang up all my clothes and put away what I can of my furniture and the rest of my teenagey junk. By dinner time I had most of the things set up and it really felt like home again nut ten times better. My stomach started to rumble so I told mum and she said we will go out for dinner since we font have and of our utensils and pans. We walk into town all dresses up. I am wearing a gold strapless summer dress with a black light weight Cardigan and some silver wedges. This is the first time I have worn these so I have to be careful where I walk. We were in central town now and decide to drop into nandos for dinner. It's our favorite ever resturant and whenever we go we always have a reason like last summer it was mum and dads annerversery night and they invited us to come since it was our absolute favourite resturant ever. When we had finished eating we walked back home. Suddenly I felt a rock under me foot and slipped and nearly went flying smash onto the concrete but their was someone catching me. Through blurry eyes I manage to make out the color of his hair. Blonde
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