As long as you love me

A eighteen year old girl victoria moves into a new home in London when her dad gets a job there. She had never even heard of one direction till she bumped into niall Horan. She instantly fell in love with him and Niall felt the same. But nialls hiding a secret from her that could mean one direction breaking apart she has to sacrifice so many things, is she going to go along with it or start herself a new life on the other side of the world?

Follow victoria duffield an average teenage girl through her path of her teen life by reading as long as you love me.


5. Getting to school

I wake up lounged on my bed and my covers hanging on the ground where I must of pulled them off because of the heat. I stared out the window and studied the cloudless sky for a while then I decided to get dressed. I put on a yellow summer dress with a pale pink cardie and straigten my hair. I put it into a half up half down kind of look and add mascara and a dash of lipstick. I slip on some purple and pink strapy sandals and put some heart studs on . I walk downstairs following my elder sister Paris who has recently turned twent. It hers first day of university and she already looks the part. She has carrot colored hair like mine and has chocolate brown eyes and perfectly tanned skin.

I tug kimmie out the door and she shouts at me that me that her earring had fallen out and just ignore her. Unfortunately i have to go to school with Kim because it's her first year of high school. I kiss mum and dad goodbye, wish Paris good luck and run out the door just in time to catch the bus.

When we arrive I get a nervous tingling as I step out the bus. Kimmie grabs my hand in nervousness. I try to get my hand free of her tight grip. She frowns at me. "Vick" she says. I just smile and carry on walking. When we arrive at the entrance gate I see the signs, oak wood prep. Ien the gates to doing hundreds of students roaming around.
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