I won't let him hurt you...

Jade has known Zayn her whole life, they've been best friends since playschool. Inseprable. Joined at the hip. Jade went with Zayn when he audioned for X factor she was supporting him the whole way. Zayn's touring alot so jade doesn't see much of him, but he's coming back for a visit.Jade thinks everything will be fine but then she gets back togehter with jake, the man who controlled her. Zayn promised not to let anyone hurt her again, but Zayn won't always be here so what happens when zayn goes on tour again and leaves Jade by herself with Jake, there won't be anyone there to look out for her, but she won't need looking after will she? Jake said he's changed and Jade belives him.


4. Surprise

Jade's pov
I forgave him though. I forgave Jake, he said he changed, he said He couldn't survive without me. I believe him. I really believe that he is going to make the effort this time. As I stared out the window rain began to fall, Silent as if it never really hit the ground. It's was getting heavier by the minute, I wish Zayn would hurry up, He's like me we both hate driving in the rain. I could her the buzz of the tv next door&the clatter of plates from the kitchen as Tricia unloaded the dishwasher. A silver car turned down into our road, I glanced down at the number plate. It was zayn's car, zayn was home! I jumped up&ran to the door just as the car pulled onto the drive. I stood at the doorway tears forming in my eyes. I had been waiting for so long to see him that I could hold it in anymore and the tears spilled over, running down my rosy cheeks. He got out the car&looked at me. It was like one of them cheesy moments in films, he was running towards me and I was running toward him! Neither of us cared though. I jumped into his arms, almost knocking him over, this is how we always hugged, like it was our own special hug! We both let go and I huge smile stretched across his face, "I missed you" he whispered.
"missed you to Zayn!"I whispered back.
We both walked inside, a huge knot began forming in my stomach. Oh no what had I done. I should of waited and told Zayn about me&Jake later, oops. He walked inside "I'M HOME!" he yelled. Tricia came running out of the kitchen, a smile plastered all over her face. She hugged and kissed him, and then grabbed his hand and walked him to the lounge. Zayn opened the door and everyone jumped up yelling "SUPRISE!" Zayn started laughing as he scanned the room. Looking at his guest. Then his smile faded from his face and anger grew in his eyes as he fixed them on Jake.
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