I won't let him hurt you...

Jade has known Zayn her whole life, they've been best friends since playschool. Inseprable. Joined at the hip. Jade went with Zayn when he audioned for X factor she was supporting him the whole way. Zayn's touring alot so jade doesn't see much of him, but he's coming back for a visit.Jade thinks everything will be fine but then she gets back togehter with jake, the man who controlled her. Zayn promised not to let anyone hurt her again, but Zayn won't always be here so what happens when zayn goes on tour again and leaves Jade by herself with Jake, there won't be anyone there to look out for her, but she won't need looking after will she? Jake said he's changed and Jade belives him.


3. Promises

Jade's pov
Jake was sat watching tv in the lounge so I went&Sat on the windowsill staring out of the window onto the quiet road, when me&Zayn were younger we would spend all day out by ourself's we both lived in a lovely area so our mums never worried about something happening to either of us. There was a huge woods out the back of the house where me&Zayn would play hide&seek, build dens, play imaginary games&Anything else we could think of. Quite deep into the forest there was an old abandoned house, Zayn dared me to go in there but I said I wouldn't go alone. Zayn grabbed my hand and then pulled me into the house, It quite big so Zayn suggested we played hide&seek. I was abit nervous but I agreed, Zayn counted first as I went off to hide. I ran up the Huge stair case, looking for a place to hide. The first thing I saw was a wardrobe, it was big so I thought it would be a good place to hide, I yanked the door open and something fell ontop of me, something really furry. I screamed louder than I ever had before, Zayn sprinted up the stairs to find me laying on the floor with a huge fur coat tangled around me. "what the hell happened?" he asked confused
"I'm...I'm not really sure!?"I replied. I was still shaking with fear so zayn grabbed me&held me in a huge bear hug for ages. I always felt so safe in Zayn's hugs, like nothing would ever hurt me as long as I had Zayn. I was right nothing hurt me when I was with Zayn but as soon as Zayn left for X factor everything went wrong, Jake started controlling me telling me to do this&that I always did what he said though, Until one day I plucked up the courage&left him. I told Zayn everything thing that happened and From that day Zayn promised me that if anyone tried to hurt me again He would hurt them so much more.
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