I won't let him hurt you...

Jade has known Zayn her whole life, they've been best friends since playschool. Inseprable. Joined at the hip. Jade went with Zayn when he audioned for X factor she was supporting him the whole way. Zayn's touring alot so jade doesn't see much of him, but he's coming back for a visit.Jade thinks everything will be fine but then she gets back togehter with jake, the man who controlled her. Zayn promised not to let anyone hurt her again, but Zayn won't always be here so what happens when zayn goes on tour again and leaves Jade by herself with Jake, there won't be anyone there to look out for her, but she won't need looking after will she? Jake said he's changed and Jade belives him.


2. Memories

Jade's pov
It had been 6 months since I had seen Zayn, I was missing him like crazy! Not seeing everyday was killing me but I was so proud of how far he&the boys had come! They deserved it they are all such lovely guys, I had met the other four boys whilst they were staying at the Xfactor house when I went for a visit. Anyway today Zayn was coming home for a couple of weeks&We had planned a surprise welcome home party for him, I couldn't wait!:)It was just Zayn coming because the rest of the boys had gone back to there houses to stay with their Families for abit, but They were going to stay here for a week before they all fly to America. I worked in the Local bakery down the road so I had baked Zayn a welcome home cake, Zayn's mum had organised alot of food&had set it out on the table in the kitchen. There were quite a few guest there, Most of Zayn's Family, two of Zayn's friends from school and Jake...my boyfriend. That's the thing Jake&Zayn didn't really get along very well, I mean you couldn't really blame Zayn after the things Jake did to me but I forgive Jake now, he's changed I can feel it. Everyone deserve's a second chance right? Zayn didn't know that I had got back together with Jake so he was going to be in with a suprise when he got home! I felt like today was the right time to tell him, he would be in a good mood&it would be easier for Zayn to see for himself that I was back with Jake rather than me telling him.   
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