I won't let him hurt you...

Jade has known Zayn her whole life, they've been best friends since playschool. Inseprable. Joined at the hip. Jade went with Zayn when he audioned for X factor she was supporting him the whole way. Zayn's touring alot so jade doesn't see much of him, but he's coming back for a visit.Jade thinks everything will be fine but then she gets back togehter with jake, the man who controlled her. Zayn promised not to let anyone hurt her again, but Zayn won't always be here so what happens when zayn goes on tour again and leaves Jade by herself with Jake, there won't be anyone there to look out for her, but she won't need looking after will she? Jake said he's changed and Jade belives him.


1. *Flashback*

Jade's POV
"good luck babe!"I whispered as our hands slipped apart&Zayn walked on stage. He will be amazing, I know he will I thought to myself. I mean why wouldn't he get through? He has the most Amazing personality ever, He's a gorgeous guy&well his voice it's incredible. I Get goose bumps every time I listen to him sing. I  Could feel the butterfly's floating around in my tummy I swear there were about 100 in there! I was watching Zayn on the little tv screen backstage. Zayn's mum, Tricia, was holding on to my hand so tight I couldn't  feel it anymore! She was like a mum to me, Her&My mum were super close, but not as close as me&Zayn! I had been best friends with Zayn since We were both 3 years old, I fell on him in the sandpit at Playschool and from then on we promised to be best Friends Forever. We did absolutely everything together, I practically lived with him! I probably spent more time with Zayn than I did with my own Family! I was super proud to watch him today on that stage singing his heart out, he deserved every single moment.
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