I won't let him hurt you...

Jade has known Zayn her whole life, they've been best friends since playschool. Inseprable. Joined at the hip. Jade went with Zayn when he audioned for X factor she was supporting him the whole way. Zayn's touring alot so jade doesn't see much of him, but he's coming back for a visit.Jade thinks everything will be fine but then she gets back togehter with jake, the man who controlled her. Zayn promised not to let anyone hurt her again, but Zayn won't always be here so what happens when zayn goes on tour again and leaves Jade by herself with Jake, there won't be anyone there to look out for her, but she won't need looking after will she? Jake said he's changed and Jade belives him.


5. Anger

Zayn's pov
Why the hell was jake here. I could feel the anger building up inside me as I turned to Jade. She was looking a the ground biting her lip, she seemed weird earlier like she was nervous, I'm guessing this is why. "Ummm Zayn, Me and Jake got back together"She said forcing a smile onto her face. I looked over at Jake, he was walking over to me. He stopped a few feet away and held out his hand, I looked around at all the guest then to jade. She had look on her face kinda begging me to shake his hand and act like everything was fine. I sighed then held out my hand and shook his. His hand was icy cold just like his heart. But I had to pretend nothing had happened while the guest were here then when they had gone I will ask Jade. 
Jade's pov
Phew! Zayn shook Jakes hand! I knew Zayn was going to talk to me later about this, but for now everyone was putting on fake smiles and pretending everything was fine. Zayn was walking around talking to everyone asking how they were and things. I looked around for Jake I couldn't see him anywhere, that's weird! I could here voices in the kitchen so I walked in, Jake was there talking to tricia. When they saw me they stopped talking and turned to me, Jake looked weird, he was pale&there was something not quite right about the look in his eye. 
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