Dakota never had life easy. Her parents were abusive drug addicts and always beat her senseless. She never had real friends expected for one. Rian, he was the popular jock that ever girl would die to have. Calling the cops on her parents drug dealers want their money, and they will do anything to get it. Anything. Know she is on the run with Rian and Rose. how can she cope with this lifestyle? Will romance brew between Dakota and Rian? Read to find out!


2. Chapter Two

Dear Diane, Dina, Dia, Dari, Dakora, Daughter,

Your dad and I went out for some more weed. We ran low. If the cops come, we're out shopping for some clothes for ya'. You know the drill.


I rolled my eyes and crumbled the note up, tossing it in a dusty corner. Back to Ri's...

I headed back outside, half stumbling. Pain was shooting up through my leg. I don't know why I felt pain in my leg. My mom didn't hurt me there tonight. Oh, it was probably from Thursday.

I reached Rian's house again and climbed right back up through the window. He almost shut his window, but I rolled in just in time. H esmirked and put his hands on his hips casually.

"Well... it's a nice thing to see my- how did you put it again? Ah- number one fan once again tonight. Tell me now," Ri began, crouching down and winking, "how would you like one night in paradise with the infamous Rian Dreamer?" I flushed and stood up like a jet.

"I wouldn't and I don't," I replied, fighting back my laughs. Nobody would do that with Ri... well, except for those depserate chicks; Tammy, Greta, Emma, Brooke, Tessa... Yeah, let's just exclude them, please. Especially Emma.

He stood up and pouted, his chocolate eyes sparkling with those irresisitable golden flecks. "And here I was just thinking that we were that friendly," he teased. I rolled my eyes.

"Alright, Ri. Where's my bag? I have to change," I explained. He jerked his thumb backwards towards one of his bean bag chairs.

I have slept over at Ri's house a thousand times. One day, his mom decided that I was always welcome to spend the night. So, I have a bag packed with clothes for a couple days and pajamas along with some other things that don't need to be mentioned.

I loked through my bag and frowned. All I had were a pair of pajama shorts from Old Navy I think. No shirts were there that I could use to match these dumb gray shorts...

"Need something?" Rian asked with a satisfied smirk. I glared at him.

"Yes, in fact. I need a shirt," I explained to him, sighing. He closed his yees. Smug... arrogant little... ugh!

"It's cool. You don't have to wear a shirt, you know," he joked. I blushed and shook my head furiously.

"Rian Ashton Dreamer! I am wearing a shirt!" I squealed as quietly as I could. He chuckled. My heart nearly melted at his laugh. It was perfection.  Er, of course in the guy friend way, you know?

He tossed me one of his shirts and I headed into his bathroom. I tugged off my dirty white off-the-shoulder shirt and peeled off my gray skinny jeans and UGG look-a-likes. I washed the makeup off my face and smirked at my reflection in the mirror. Frowning, I poked at a few freckles on my nose. How did they get there? I pulled on the shorts and the shirt which was a red long sleeved shirt that covered my shorts. Completely covered my shorts, I should say. Frowning and sighing, I exited the bathroom. Rian laughed a little bit when I came back into his room. I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? What's so funny?" I hissed. He grinned.

"You look so adorable and vulnerable!" he teased. I playfully slugged his arm.

He grinned cockily and we wrestled for a bit in the air, laughing the whole time, until he pinned me on his bed. I laughed and fought against his grasp on my wrists, growling. We calmed down after a few minutes and we just stared into each other's eyes. His eyelids began to flutter shut along with my heart beats.

What?! I've only ever kissed someone like once before and I was terrible at it! Ri, please don't do this! We can't do this! I don't want to ruin our friendship!

My thoughts were a jumbled up mess as his lips got closer to mine and I could feel his arm bretah on my upper lip. So close. So close I could almost feel his lips on mine.

A hard knock sounded at the door. Our eyes flew open and he released me from his death grip. I rolled off the bed and then under it. Rian sat up on the edge of his bed casually, his ankles resting in front of my face.

"Ri? You alright in here, bud?" Oh, okay. It was only his dad.

"Huh? Oh yeah. I'm fine, dad. Why?" Ri asked casually. His dad sighed.

"Well, uh, son... It's about that time in your life where we talk about things," he replied awkwardly. My breath hitched in my throat and I tensed up in a tight little ball under the cluttered space under Ri's bed. No no no no no no no no no no no!!!

"What kind of things?" Rian asked genuinely. Oh, Ri...

"Things about men and women and... thoughts and intentions and wants," his dad responded.

"Thoughts, intentions, and wants?" Rian asked. His dad sucked in a breath of air.

"Sex, Rian. I want to talk to you about sex." The little bomb was dropped in Ri's head.


I grabbed Ri's ankle and began shaking it. I hoped he understood why I was.

"So... I know that sometimes you get a weird feeling down-" My eyes got wide. The shaking on his ankle became incredibly violent. It felt like I was about to tear off his ankle at any given second. No! I don't want to hear this! My mind will be violently scarred forever!

"Dad, I already know about this," Rian scoffed, as if expecting his dad to know that.

"Oh," his dad sighed. I let out a breath of relief. I let go of his ankle and retracted my arm back under the bed. "Well... to be honest, I didn't want to talk to you about this. It's just as awkward for me as it is for you." Not as awkward as it is for me, old man!

Rian's dad got up and left the room, shutting the door. I got out from under the bed and crossed my arms. Ri smirked. After boring my eyesight into his for about thirty seconds, he broke out into wild laughter. I soon followed. Yeah, we're best friends alright.


 About half an hour later, we were sitting on his bed, completely bored out of our minds. I was laying on my stomach, staring at Ri. He was sitting on his green bean bag chair and playing with a ball-in-a-cup. He kept missing the cup, though.

"Ri... do you want help?" I asked. He shook his head fiercely and raised a hand to wave me off, his gaze never leaving the small toy.

"No, no. Shh, I got this, trust me," he replied. I rolled my eyes. Guys can be so stubborn... Why do they have to be so full of manliness and pride?

"Ri, just let me help you," I offered once again. He shook his head.

"I almost got this, though!" he protested. I scoffed and rolled my eyes once again, rolling over onto my back and staring at him upside down.

"You said that ten minutes ago," I quipped. He looked at me for a split second and glared. Then, he continued staring at the toy and trying again and again to get it in. I sighed. So freaking stubborn... "How about we do something else?" I asked, trying to get him to stop.

He paused and dropped the game, meeting my gaze. "Like what?" he responded. I shrugged and looked at his window.

"I dunno... How about horror movie night?" I asked. He nodded.

"You seen Saw III yet?" he asked. I scoffed and laughed a little bit.

"Of course. Wanna laugh at Paranormal Activity?" I inquired. He chuckled and shook his head. He made a little 'Aah' noise and pulled a DVD off his shelf.

"How about Scream?" he asked. I tilted my head in thought and got off his bed.

"Never seen it," I replied with a shrug. An evil grin spread across his face.

"Oh, okay. We're definitely watching this," he decided. He popped the DVD in the DVD player and left the room. Knowing Ri, probably to get a crapload of snacks and stuff.

I decided to make myself comfortable. I snuggled under the quilt his mother made him a year ago and sat on the purple bean bag chair I dubbed officially as mine. I sighed and closed my eyes in comfort. It was warm and felt nice.

About ten minutes later, Rian returned with (like I guessed) a whole lot of candy and soda and popcorn. He also brought his iPhone 4 to take pictures.

We started the movie and I swallowed a handful of Nerds almost whole. I took a swig of Pepsi. A few minutes later, Ri curled up under the quilt with me. I smiled and he took a picture with his iPhone. I rested my head on his shoulder as he took another picture. I frowned and raised an eyebrow.

"Really?" I hissed. He chuckled and we turned our attention back to the movie.

After the movie, the credits started rolling. Ri yawned and looked at the clock. 2:10 AM. We had two more days until school started, so we could nap all day and then sleep in tomorrow morning.

"Early," I commented.

"You don't say," he teased, stretching his arms. I smirked and stood up.

I turned my back on him and faced the bed. Two strong arms encircled my waist and I was thrown onto the bed. The arms flipped me over and I stared up into Ri's face. He pinned my wrists above my head and blocked my legs from moving. I was in the same position as earlier. His bed squeaked a little bit and my face flushed. Good thing the lights are off, so he won't notice... Wait. Bed squeaking, giggling, lights off... This picture is so wrong! I blushed even more.

"You were totally freaked out," he taunted. I stuck my tongue out at him. He smirked. "Careful where you stick that thing, Miss Cody. I could do stuff with that beauty." I blushed and I started having trouble breathing. Why won't he stop?!

"I was not f-freaked out," I stammered, his previous comment still floating around in my head.

"Really?" he challenged. I glared.

"Really," I shot back.

"'Oh, Ri! Ri, Ri, Ri, hold me! Oh no! Scream is there! Behind you! Behind you! Oh! Ri, I don't want to watch this anymore,'" he mocked in a high pitched voice.

I tried to bite his nose as I frowned. He laughed and a gasp sounded at his door, which had just opened. Ri and I immediately shot our gazes there to find his six year old sister standing there in complete shock. Crap!

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