Dakota never had life easy. Her parents were abusive drug addicts and always beat her senseless. She never had real friends expected for one. Rian, he was the popular jock that ever girl would die to have. Calling the cops on her parents drug dealers want their money, and they will do anything to get it. Anything. Know she is on the run with Rian and Rose. how can she cope with this lifestyle? Will romance brew between Dakota and Rian? Read to find out!


3. Chapter Three


Roslynn Dreamer stood there, staring at us in distaste. Ri quickly got up and I followed. I rushed up to her.

"Oh my god, Rose! It's not like that, I promise!" I pleaded. She stood there, unmoving and completely frozen.

"Rose? Rose! Listen to your big brother, okay? Him and Cody were just roughousing. Like what I do to you," he explained. I shot him a curious glance before I turned my attention back to the traumatized six year old in front of us. Her blonde bangs fell over her dull blue eyes. I tilted my head back and groaned. Oh no... I looked over at Ri with pleading eyes. 

"Rose listen, it wasn't like that ok, trust me." Ri told her calmly he was giving little gestures with his hands. Rolling my eyes at him I turned my attention back to Rose. Her eyes flickered between Ri and I. Nodding slowly she backed out of the room, padding to her room. While she was going there I heard her say, 

"I just wanted him to get me some water, what do I find? Him and Cody." Snickering slightly I stood up, shutting the door quietly I flipped on the light switch. Guess who was right in my face? If you guessed the one and only Rian Ashton Dreamer, you sir are correct! 

"Ah!" I squealed doing a little ninja move, aka hitting him upside the head. 

"What was that for?" He questioned me while rubbing his head. I scowled at him  and walked over to his plopping down on it. 

"You have the sofest bed ever!" I told him while rolling around on it. I heard him chuckle. 

"That's usually not what other girls in my beds say." I looked up and saw him smirking at me. Grabbing his pillow I chucked it at him, htting him in the face. 

"Pervert!" I whipsered yelled. He just smiled and walked over to the bed plopping down next to me. We were so close that my whole rightside was on his left side. I wonder if he has ever liked me... No! Stop thinking that you two are best friends, your not pretty at all so why would he like me?

"Cody!" Blinking I saw Ri staring at me intently. 

"Wha?" Rolling his eyes he told me. 

"You zoned out, it was pretty funny. At first you were smiling but then you went into like a glare. Why were you glaring at my ceiling?" Snorting I rolled over on my side so that I was fully facing him. 

"That is for me to know and you to never find out." I poked his chest with my index finger. Instantly he grabbed it and pulled me to him. Whispering in my ear. 

"Cody dearest, I have my ways you know." Smiling i pushed off him and rolled onto my other side so that I was facing the window. 

"I have to get hom eearly tomorrow, my parents will be home." I could feel his gaze locked onto me. Shivering slightly he instantly got up. 

"Are you cold?" nodding he got the quilt and handed it to me, he jumped back on, which made me go up a little bit in the air. Giggling I wrapped the quilt around me. Just before I let the blackness envloped me I whispered to Ri. 

"Your a good friend Ri." With that I feel alseep, feeling safe like I always do when I'm with him. 


[Ri's P.O.V.]

 I awoke suddenly sometime a few hours later and felt something warm on the left side of my body. Groggily, I looked over and found Cody sleeping on my chest, my arm around her. I felt something strange linger in my chest at the sight of her soft, brown sidebangs over her closed eyelids. Her long eyelashes fluttered against her cheekbones and her lips were slightly parted, almost begging me to kiss them. Wait... What?! Sc-scratch that. I mean letting out little breaths of air while she breathed. I looked away, facing the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling and scanning across them, the faint light looking very much beautiful in contrast to the black painted background. I was yanked from my thoughts when Cody began, crying? Why was she crying? Puzzled a couple seconds later she began to mumble words. 

"Please stop, what did I do wrong?" Her fist gripped my t-shirt. Too shocked to answer, I only stared at her until she started shaking violently. "N-no," she stammered. I began rubbing my thumb in small circles over her, er, my t-shirt sleeve. "Don't!" she yelped, burrowing her head further into my chest. I then did the only thing I could think of then. I reached over and started smoothing down her hair. It felt soft and smooth, almost silky. 

"Shh, it's okay Dakota," I told her quietly. "You're fine, it's only a dream," I assured her. 

"N- Mom, no!" she whisper yelled. I tensed up for a second, but her crying snapped me back as I pressed my lips to the top of her head.

"She won't do anything to you, I promise," I reassured her again. She sniffed. Her crying had subsided. I kissed her forehead and she grunted and shook her head lightly. Her beautiful doll-like and sparkly eyes slowly opened. She blinked.

"Ri..." she choked out. I looked at her and scanned her face. I cupped her face with one of my hands and rubbed my thumb over her cheek, still damp with tears.

"You had a bad dream, princess," I whispered. Why I called her princess, I have no idea. In fact, I didn't even realize it at the time.

"I... I did?" she questioned, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. The t-shirt fell off one of her shoulders, revealing her bra strap. I sat up with her and put it back in its place. I nodded to her as she scanned my face curiously. "What... what was it about?" Cody pressed seriously.

"I don't know," I admitted. "All you were saying was stuff like 'No' and 'Mom, don't'." Her face paled and her eyes went wide, suddenly waking up.

"O-oh," she stuttered, looking away from me. I put a finger under her chin and tilted her head up back to mine.

"Cody, please talk to me," I pressed seriously. She flushed and I could see her surprise through the almost pitch blackness.

"I-I had a dream that my parents abused me," she confessed. I felt anger surge through me.

"That won't happen. I won't let anyone hurt you, ever," I promised. She looked at me, her eyes twinkling with something foreign to me. "We need to talk, so spill," I ordered. Cody looked away and sighed before staring into my eyes.

"Alright," she whispered.

We talked to each other for the rest of the night until the sun rose. "I'm tired," I yawned as our conversation about those creepy Bronies came to a close.

"Wanna sleep?" she inquired. I nodded.

"Yup. Alright, we can sleep in really late," I replied with a smile. She nodded and smiled weakly at me. "I'm sleeping," I announced, yawning and flopping down. She laughed and I felt her weight press down next to me. I fell asleep then, dreaming of Cody and I running through a cornfield and resting by a creek.

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