Dakota never had life easy. Her parents were abusive drug addicts and always beat her senseless. She never had real friends expected for one. Rian, he was the popular jock that ever girl would die to have. Calling the cops on her parents drug dealers want their money, and they will do anything to get it. Anything. Know she is on the run with Rian and Rose. how can she cope with this lifestyle? Will romance brew between Dakota and Rian? Read to find out!


4. Chapter Four


Rian POV

My eyelids snapped open when I felt someone poking my face. Looking up I saw Cody right in my face. Smiling I began poking her face to. This is how you get in a major poke war. About 5 minutes later she was laying beside me giggling madly. I was chuckling and had my arm slung over her shoulder. After our laughing subsided she began to talk. 

"We should go get something to eat." Nodding I flipped off of the bed and crashed onto the floor with a loud thud! 

"Ow." I mumbled crawling over to the door, getting up and opening it. Walking down the stairs I could smell the bacon wafting in the air. Grinning I rushed down the few stairs and ran to the kitchen. "Hey mom." I greeted her and looked at the supply of food she was cooking. 

"Good morning Cody and Rian!" She said excitedly. Looking back at Cody she gave me a confused look as to say 'How did your mom know I was here?' shruggin I turned back around, got a plate and began stacking bacon and eggs on it. Feeling satisafied I walked back upstairs to my room, grabbing a bottle of water on the way up. Falling into my beanbag I began to dig in. in the middle I saw two legs in front of me. Wiping the food of off my mouth I looked up to see Cody still in her pajamas, the arm parts going over her hands and dangling as she held her food. 

"Your such a pig!" She began to laugh hysterically, smiling I went back to eating.  cody plopped down and began to eat fast and quick, about a minute later everything on her plate was gone. Rolling my eyes I flipped over on my side so I was looking at her. she was stunning, the way her hair flowed over her shoulders like a- stop thinking those thoughts! Shaking my head I relazied Cody was staring back at me. Smirking at her she whipped her head away blushing. 

Shaking her head she got out of the beanbag chair and started to walk to my door. Without turning around she called over her shoulder.

                “Oh and by the way, we are going to the mall today, turns out your sister want some new clothes.” Throwing my head back and groaning I heard her snicker as she left my room. Rolling my eyes I slowly got out of my beanbag chair and walked over to my closet. Swinging open the door I found it as usual messy, clothes scattered everywhere. Looking for some clothes I managed to grab a plain dark green v neck, some dark washed jeans, and some black vans. Walked over to my bathroom, I took of my shirt and opened the door. Shutting it behind me I turned the shower on, stripping out of my clothes I hopped in. This is going to be one long day. I got out of the shower, before the water could become really cold. Wrapping a towel around my waist I shook my hair out. Putting my clothes on I walked out to see Cody already dressed and waiting for me. I grinned at her.

                “So my number one stalker, how are you doing?” Rolling her eyes I punching my arm playfully she grabbed my hand and began to run out of the room. I tried to ignore the tingle in my hand whenever she held it. I felt a tug on my arm, looking down I saw my little sister, Rose.

                “What?” I questioned her.

                “You were supposed to make me bacon today!” She huffed, crossing her arms across her chest. Sighing I was about to reply when Cody cut in.

                “Hey sweetie; I know what will make you happy.” She told her crouching down to Rose’s height. Rose’s face brightened.

                “What?” Cody looked up at me, and evil smile crawling on to her face. What does she- Oh no. Turning back to Rose she grabbed bother her hands and swung them a little.

                “We make Ri, pay for everything!” Rose’s face brightened even more. She then began to giggle and bounce up and down.

                “Really!?” she excitedly asked Cody. Cody nodded. Smiling she leapt into Cody’s arms and hugger her. Standing up, Rose slid off and stuck with holding her hand. Rolling my eyes and mumbling under my breath I grabbed my wallet and walked up to Cody.

                “I’m going to kill you in your sleep.” I mumbled to Cody, I heard her try to stifle her laugh.

                “I would love to see you try my dear Ri.” Rolling my eyes I walked forward, to the huge mall standing right in front of us. Taking a deep breath I prepared to be broke by the time we walked out of the mall. 



Hey everyone! I'm going to put this story on hold at the moment and try to focus on my other story's! Due to the fact that i have all of the other chapters which is like 40 written on paper from last year in my notebook. So it will take a while to type i promise to update sometime later next week! Love you all xx:)

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