Don't Forget Me

Saying I despise Harry Styles is an understatement, but now that he’s decided to take a break from the spotlight for a little while I have to deal with him. And worst of all, he’s stay at my house for a few days! I know this is every fangirls dream, but don’t judge me until you know my side of the story.


2. The Boys


About an hour or so later I decided I should probably start walking home so my mum doesn’t start to get worried about me. That and the fact I was now starving. I walked inside and saw Anne, Harry and my mum setting up the table for dinner. I took off my shoes by the front door and then walked into the kitchen to see if there was anything else I could help them with.

“Do you want me to set the table mum?” I asked her while I opened our silverware drawer.

“No that’s okay sweetie. Harry’s already done it.” She said putting the last of the food on the table.

“Yeah, I made sure your sitting right next to me for dinner Keer.” Harry said looking at me from the kitchen table with a cheeky smile.

Well my day just keeps getting better.

I glared at him for a few seconds then took my seat at the table. Everyone else then followed my lead and took their seats at the table too. Anne and my mum sat across from Harry and I.

Most of the dinner consisted of my mum talking to Harry about One Direction and everything they’ve done so far. I sat there saying nothing the entire dinner highly considering banging my head against the wall.

After about an hour I couldn’t take it anymore.

“May I please be excused I’m not feeling too well.” I needed an excuse to get me out of here.

“Oh sure Keera.” My mum said looking at me worried. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I guess I’m just really tired from today.”

“Okay well feel better.” My mum called to me as I put my plate in the sink and ran upstairs into my room.

As soon as I got to my room I shut the door, took my cell phone and called my closest friend, Cammie. Cammie and I had been friends since we were 10. She was my best girl friend, and Harry was my best guy friend. We’d always been super close but once Harry left we became even closer friends than before.

“Hey Keera, what’s up?” She said answering her phone.

“Cam I’m going to die. Guess who is staying at my house for a few days.” I said trying to catch my breath from running to my room so fast.

“Who?” she was completely dumbfounded.

“Harry Styles.” I said making gaging noises right after.

“Wait back up. Harry is back in town and he’s staying at your house?!” She was now in just as much of a panic and I was.

“Yeah. I have to share my room with him too.” I said falling back onto my bed.

“Oh my god!” was all she managed to say for a few seconds. “Have you talked to him about anything yet?”

“No. I’ve been avoiding him this entire time. I don’t want to talk to him.” I said

“Keer I know you’re mad at him and I know you don’t want to talk to him, but maybe you should?” Okay my best friend has now become insane. I stayed silent. “I’m just saying Keera, if you don’t try and talk to him and work things out you might regret it later.”

Cammie was right, as usual. There were a lot of things I’d like to say to Harry, majority of them not being too nice things, but I’d rather just keep it all to myself. Besides what I have to say won’t even matter because eventually he’ll be on a train back to London and forget all about me again.

“I have to go Cam.”

“Okay. Call me tomorrow and tell me what happens.”

I hung up the phone and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to the sun shining right in my face. Harry must have opened up the blinds in my room.


I turned over to look at the time on my phone. It was already 11. My stomach started growling so I figured I should get out of bed and go eat. I rolled out of bed and looked in the mirror real quick. I was wearing my blue plaid pajama shorts and a white baggy v-neck t-shirt. My hair was wavy and frizzy and my face looked really tired. Oh well, I mean I’m not trying to impress anyone and it’s my house.

I ran my fingers through my hair real fast to try and tame it and then ran down the stairs into the kitchen. I looked around and no one was there.

“Mom?” I called out. No one answered me.

I looked around to see if a note was left around for me since it seemed that no one was home. After a few seconds I spotted a note on the counter:


Anne and I decided to go camping for the weekend. We left money for pizza. Have fun with Harry!


I sighed and put the note back on the counter. I wanted to be mad at my mom for this but I couldn’t. She and Anne hadn’t hung out like this in a really long time. When Harry and I were friends we would all go on family vacations together. They had to be some of my best memories growing up.


I snapped out of my daydream and ran over to the back door and opened it, only to find one of the flowerpots in our back yard shattered on the patio. I didn’t even have time to try and make sense of what had just happened in my head because Harry started shouting from a part of the yard.

“Sorry Keera! Louis’s just a horrible football player.”

My body had completely froze. Louis? As in Louis Tomlinson? I finally broke my gaze from the ground and looked up not just Harry and Louis, but all of One Direction.

At my house.

While I’m standing here in my pajamas with my messy frizzy morning hair.


I was so embarrassed I could feel my face turn bright red.

“Harry can I talk to you for a minute?” I shouted as I walked back inside the kitchen trying not to let anyone see how embarrassed I was.

A few seconds later Harry came through the door trying to catch his breath.

“What’s wro-“ He tried to say but I cut him off.

“Why is all of One Direction playing football in my back yard?” My voice was starting to get louder.

“They decided to come stay with us while our moms went away for the weekend.” He said with a cheeky smile.

“And why didn’t you tell me?!” I was getting mad. “There is no way our moms approved of this Harry.”

“But they did Keer.” He started to say with a smirk on his face like he was pleased with himself. “See once you left the table at dinner we talked about all of this, but since you won’t talk to me how was I suppose to tell you?”

Well played Styles.

“Oh so this was all just you trying to get me to talk to you?!” He stood there still with his stupid cheeky grin on his face.

“A little bit.” He said as he grabbed an apple out of the bowl on the counter. “And I wanted to get you mad.”

“I hate you Harry Styles.” I said pissed off as I walked out of the kitchen and started making my way back to my room.

“Get dressed and then come outside so I can introduce you!” Harry called up the stairs to me.


Somehow I managed to shower, straighten my hair, do my make up and get changed within an hour. How I did all of this, I will never know. I looked in the mirror one last time to make sure I didn’t look like a cake face with my makeup, but I looked pretty natural. My hair was straightened and parted to the side and I was wearing some high wasted shorts and a black tank top tucked in. I looked casual, but good at the same time.

I walked downstairs to now find the five boys in my kitchen eating every piece of food in sight. None of them saw me so I just stood there awkwardly for a few seconds and then decided to cough, to try and get someone’s attention so they knew I was now there. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

This is awkward.

“Oh there you are Keer.” Harry said as he turned around to look at me. “I thought you might’ve ran off.”

 I squinted my eyes a little bit and gave him an annoyed look. He then started walking towards me.

“Everyone this is Keera.” He said as he put his arm around my shoulder with a giant smile on his face.

I brushed his arm off of me and his smile faded a little. It made me start to feel kind of bad, the way I was treating Harry.

“Keera, this is Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall.” Harry said pointing to each boy as he named them. They all waved and said hi back to me. “Don’t worry lads, she doesn’t get too annoying.” Harry chimed in as he walked back to the counter, where he was standing before.

Okay I take that back. Any ounce of me that felt bad for the way I was treating Harry had suddenly vanished. I stuck my tongue out at him and took a seat next to the one wearing a white shirt with navy blue stripes and red pants, which if I remembered correctly, was named Louis.

“Sorry about breaking your flowerpot before.” He said before I could say anything. “I’ll buy you a new one don’t worry.”

I could tell he actually felt really bad about breaking the flowerpot.

“Don’t worry about it. We have loads more in the shed.” I said trying to reassure him.

“So what are we going to do today.” Niall said as he took a seat at the table with Louis and I.

I glanced over at the clock. It was now about 1 in the afternoon.

“I don’t know. There’s not much to do here.” I said not breaking my glace at the clock.

“That’s exactly what Harry said.” The one with the shorter, curly haired one said. Which, if I remember correctly was named Liam.

“Well, there is a trail a few blocks over and at the end of the trail there’s a swimming hole.” I said as I drew circles with my fingers on the table.

“Okay, well swimming it is then.” Niall said as he stood up from his chair.

We all left the kitchen and ran upstairs to get our bathing suits, towels and whatever else we needed. I realized as I opened the door to my room that all the boys had all there bags in my room.

“Hope you don’t mind.” Zayn said as he reached for his bag by my closet. “Harry told us to put our stuff in here so it wouldn’t be a mess downstairs.”

“It’s fine.” I said giving him a smile.

My room was pretty big and if we really wanted to we could all sleep in here, but it would be kind of cramped. I grabbed my bathing suit and went to go get changed in my moms bathroom while the five boys fought over the hallway bathroom. About 5 minutes later I walked out of the bathroom and back into my room to find all 5 boys dressed and ready.

“Hey Keera why is this laying around on your floor?” Zayn said picking up one of my bras.

“Okay let’s go guys!” I said snatching it from him and pointing to the door. All the boys tried to laugh quietly to themselves as they left the room. Once the last one was out the door I put the bra back in my drawer, made sure I had no more underwear lying around, and then met up with the others.

“So how far away is this swimming hole.” Niall said starting to drag his feet. “I’m getting hungry.”

“Oh it’s not that much longer. And how can you be hungry again you just ate about half my kitchen.” I said

A few minutes later we finally arrived to our destination and all the boys took off their shirts and jumped into the water as fast as they could. I took off my clothes so I was just in my bikini and stood at the edge of the rock looking down at the water. I was kind of nervous to jump in and the water was most likely freezing.

“Are you gonna jump in?” A voice said behind me. I turned around and saw Louis standing there.

“Eh I don’t know. The water looks kind of cold.” I said looking down at the water again.

It’s not that bad.” He said looking at me again.

The next thing I knew Louis arms were wrapped around me and we were both jumping into the water.

“Louis!” I shouted as my head came up from under the water.

“Harry told me to do it!” He protested.

“Harry! I’m going to kill you!” I looked around to try and find Harry but he was nowhere in sight. All of a sudden something wrapped around my ankle and pulled me under the water. I swallowed some water since I was caught off guard. Finally whatever had hold of my ankle let go and I swam to the top of the water as fast as I could. When my head finally got above the water I started gasping for air and coughing. I wasn’t sure how much water I had swallowed, but it was enough to make me feel sick.

“Haha I got you so good Keer.” Harry said coming up from the water. “Oh my gosh are you okay?!” I guess he noticed I was coughing my lungs up.

“Thank you for nearly drowning me Harry.” I shot back at him sarcastically.

“I’m sorry Keera I didn’t mean to..” I cut him off before he could say anymore.

“You never mean to do anything Harry. Nothing’s ever your fault.” I spat back at him. He tried grabbing my wrist so I couldn’t swim away from him but I shook my hand free and started swimming away. “Just leave me alone.” I said as I dragged myself out of the water and over to my bag so I could get my towel.

This was going to be the longest summer of my life.

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