Don't Forget Me

Saying I despise Harry Styles is an understatement, but now that he’s decided to take a break from the spotlight for a little while I have to deal with him. And worst of all, he’s stay at my house for a few days! I know this is every fangirls dream, but don’t judge me until you know my side of the story.


3. Oh, So you like him?


Harry’s POV

I stood there silently in the water as I watched Keera get out of the water and grab her towel. I didn’t think she would get upset like she did. When I came back to Holmes Chapel, I thought that Keera and I could go back to being best friends, like nothing had ever changed. I was very wrong clearly. She hated my guts now and I wasn’t sure that I could ever have my best friend back. The whole reason why I decided to take a break from the spotlight for a little while was so I could reconnect with my old friends and family, but I guess everything in life can’t always go the way you plan it out in your head.

“Harry, are you coming?” Niall shouted over to me snapping me out of my daydream. I noticed I was the only one still in the water and everyone else was drying off. I shot him a confused look. “Dinner?” He said as he put his shirt back on.

I got out of the water, dried off real quick and put my shoes back on. The others had already started to walk ahead on the trail so I had to jog a little bit to catch up with all of them.

I was pretty much silent the rest of the way home. My mind kept on buzzing with all these thoughts about my friendship with Keera. I didn’t think she would be this mad at me, to the point where she didn’t even want to talk to me or not even want to be my friend anymore. You really screwed up this time, Styles.

We finally got back to the house and everyone decided to shower, get changed into some new clothes and meet back downstairs so we could decide what to do about dinner. Liam and I we’re the first to be downstairs so we waited in the kitchen for everyone else.

“Liam, can I talk to you about something?” I asked him while I searched through the drawers trying to find where they put all there takeout menus.

“Sure, what’s up mate?” Liam said as he sat down at the kitchen table.

“It’s about Keera…”

“I was waiting for you to bring this up with me or one of the lads.” Liam said as he laughed a little to himself.

“She really hates me doesn’t she.” I finally found the menus so I carried them over to the table, spread them out everywhere and took a seat across from Liam.

“Well, it does seem that way…” Liam drifted off. “But I can tell that deep inside she wants her best friend back Harry.”

“I never stopped being her friend Liam!” I protested and he raised his eyebrows at me. “Well maybe I became a crap friend after I left for X Factor, but I didn’t mean to.”

“Does she know that?”

“No.” Liam was right, as always.

“You need to talk to her. Try and start over with her. She’s probably been trough a lot since you left.”

After Liam said that all I could think about was last summer. How I kissed her, how I told her I loved her and then just left her. I remembered my mom calling me crying, telling me that Keera’s dad had passed and I was too busy to come to the funeral. I stopped calling her as often, and at one point I stopped calling her all together. I was becoming extremely busy though, and she knew that. Keera knew the day I left that those kinds of things would happen, so she still shouldn’t be this mad at me.

I finally snapped out of my thought when I heard Niall and Keera talking as they walked into the kitchen.

“Food!” They both shouted as they ran over to the table to look at the menus with Liam and I.

“We’re trying to decide what to order. What are you two in the mood for?” Liam said as he picked up another menu.

“I want pizza.” Keera said not even thinking too much about it.

“Yeah pizza sounds good.” Niall said agreeing with her. I looked up from the menu I was reading and just stared at the two of them for a minute.

Keera and the boys all seemed to be getting along well. Which was good I guess, but I couldn’t help but start to think that she might replace me with one of them.

“Can we please just order pizza I’m starved” Niall complained as he put his hand on his stomach. Keera laughed at him and then took out her phone and started dialing the number for the food.

About an hour later we were all completely full from all the pizza we ate. We ordered 4 boxes since Niall was going to eat one whole box on his own and the rest of us would eat about half a box each.

“That pizza was so good.” Niall said as he lay down on the couch.

“I still can’t believe you ate an entire box.” Keera said still in shock.

“He usually eats more.” Zayn chimed in.

“So what are we going to do for the rest of the night?” I said. Everyone stayed silent for a few minutes trying to think of what to do.

“Let’s go to lazar quest!” Louis shouted as he jumped out of his seat all excited.

None of us could think of anything else to do so we all quickly agreed to go play lazar quest.  Since Louis was the only one who could drive we all had to pile into his car, which only sat five people, so Keera had to sit on Liam’s lap.


I don’t know why it was bothering me, but it was. If Keera wasn’t so mad at me she would be sitting on my lap and I wouldn’t be jealous.

Keera’s POV

It took us about 15 minutes to find the nearest lazar quest place so that meant 15 minutes of me being cramped into a tiny car with five smelly boys. Okay I lied they didn’t smell bad, they all smelt rather nice, but still I was cramped in a car, on Liam’s lap.

The entire ride Liam wrapped his arms around my waist acting as a seatbelt for me. I didn’t mind because Liam is a sweet boy, and he’s cute which is a plus. Maybe I was starting to develop a bit of a crush on him, but I didn’t mind.

Once we finally arrived at the lazar quest building we all piled out of the car and walked inside together. We walked up to the counter and paid for a few games, got our vests and guns, and then spit into teams.

“Okay, so the teams will be Niall, Liam and Keera on one team. And on the other team it will be Harry, Zayn and I.” Louis said before we all got read to start our first round.

I’m not on the same team as Harry. Hallelujah. And I’m on the same team as Liam. God is on my side tonight.

We all stood in a line at the entrance of the giant room we’d be playing in. It was dark and had a bunch of black lights and neon colors. There were walls, tunnels and places to hide everywhere. The room was so big I couldn’t even see the end of it from where I was standing. As I was trying to see as much of the room as I could from the entrance a recorded voice started to talk over the loud speaker.

“Players ready? 3, 2, 1, GO!” 

And with that everyone ran off in different directions.

I knew I was hopeless by myself so I tried my hardest to keep up with Liam. I was running as fast as I could to keep up with him and once I made sure none of the other boys were near I called out to him.

“Liam!” I said in a loud whisper. He looked over at me and smiled at me as he signaled me to move closer to him.

“Stay by me.” He said back to me quietly.

Liam and I made a pretty good team if I do say so myself. We’d shot each of the boys, Louis, Zayn and Harry, at least once and neither of us had gotten hit yet. We were walking around for a minute or too trying to find one of them, but we couldn’t. I started to get paranoid because I knew they were after the two of us at this point. Every few seconds I would look behind me to make sure no one was there.

“Watch out!” Liam shouted to me.

And before I could even react to what he was telling me my gun had shut off. I had been shot and my gun was turned off for 30 seconds.


Liam tried shooting back at whoever shot me but then ran off so he wouldn’t get hit as well. I turned around to see who had shot me and saw none other than yours truly, Harry Styles.

Give him a round of applause ladies and gents.

He started walking towards me laughing to himself. I kept trying to shoot his vest but my gun was still shut off.

“Yeah keep laughing Styles, but just wait a few more seconds and then you’ll get what you deserve.” I said

“And what is that exactly?” He said still laughing. I didn’t say anything I just stuck my tongue out at him. “Don’t worry, you can go run along and find you lover Liam now if you want.”

“What’s that suppose to mean Harry?” I said now getting angry and embarrassed.

“It’s pretty clear that you fancy him Keer.” Harry said walking closer to me again.

“You don’t know anything Harry.” I was now fuming with anger.

And with that I shot him in the vest with my gun and ran away.

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