The sweet goodbye to Her

Sam is a secret agent with a dirty secret! And her step father sends her to England to do a mystery mission. She meets a young man and falls inlove! He already has a girl! Does she have what it takes to live in this crazy town where boys swarm all over her? Read and find out!!


1. Sweet goodbyes!

Sam sat on her chair,her long blonde hair in curls. Her eyes looked at the door when it creaked. She saw a shadow that soon got clear. It was a man with brown hair and the same color of eyes. It was Richard! Her step father. "Sam Im sending you to England for a mission for A." he spoke with a southern accent. I looked at him in shock. A was "top dog" in the system! A had a mission for me!!! I gulped and stared at him disbeilif. "A-A?!" I asked a little to loud. He nodded. I screamed with joy and jumped up and hugged him. Like any other 16 year old I was excited. He sighed and pushed me off. I got up and rubbed my back. I should have stayed calm! "Get packing!THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!!!" he scowled. I felt terrible. I nodded sadly and wiped away some tears. I started packing. I looked around at my old gray room. Pain flowed through me. I slowly walked out with ny suit case at my side. Richard handed my the plane ticket. I was leaving a little town in Alabama. Hours later I was on the plane,saying my sweet goodbyes to my home,my Alabama.

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