Stole My Heart

Cat is just your average American girl who decides to move to London with one of her best friends Mairead. While settling into her new home she runs into the five cheeky band members of One Direction. As Cat and Mairead start to become close friends with the boys will Cat start to change the way she feels about some of the boys? This could change her friendships with some of them forever.


4. Wait, a scary movie?


I finished doing my hair and makeup so I went out of my bathroom into my room to find something to wear. I looked through every article of clothing I own and I couldn’t find anything. What was I even suppose to wear? I’ve never even been on a date before. Well this wasn’t a date, but I did have a crush and I wanted to try and impress him.

“Mairead!” I yelled through the house. “What are you wearing?”

She walked into my room all dressed and ready. She was wearing jeans, flip-flops and a nice shirt.

“What should I wear?!” I said now panicking.

“Sit down. Relax. I’ll pick something out for you.” She said calmly while looking through my closet.

I sat down on my bed and looked over at the clock on my nightstand. It was now 7:40. I started getting more nervous. Mairead was calmer than ever. Good thing one us was relaxed. Five minutes later Mairead had a whole outfit laid out for me. It was jeans, a black flowing tank top with tan leather boots. It was perfect.

“You are a life saver!” I said grabbing the clothes and running to the bathroom to change.

“No problem Cathy!” Mairead said teasing me. She always called me Cathy as a joke because she knew I hated it, but I didn’t mind when she called me it. I just get mad when other people call me Cathy.

I looked over at my phone and it was now 7:50. I had just finished getting dressed. I still had some time to spare. I looked in the mirror and did whatever finishing touches I needed to do and headed out to the living room to wait with Mairead. I was about to sit down on the couch when I heard someone honk their car horn outside. I went over to the window to see if it was the boys, and sure enough it was.

“Sorry we’re early.” Harry shouted to me. “Niall was scared we were going to get lost.” He said now making fun of Niall.

“Oh shut up Harry!” I heard Niall say to him. “Zayn wanted to leave early too!”

“Don’t drag me into this.” I heard Zayn say.

“We’ll be right down!” I shouted back to them ignoring the fact that they were arguing over why they were early.

“You ready?” Mairead said before opening the door.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I said talking a deep breath and walking out the door.

We got outside and the boys were parked out front with a black car. It looked like it seated about 7 or 8 people so we would all just fit. We walked towards the car when someone from inside the car opened the door. I was Liam.

“Hey girls!” He said bringing Mairead and I into a hug.

“Hey” We both said back to him. “Hey guys.” We said waving to the rest of the boys. They all said hi back.

“Ok so Mairead you’re sitting in the back with Zayn and Catherine you are sitting in between Niall and I.” Liam said letting us into the car.

“Sounds good.” I said back to him.

Mairead got into the back and I sat down next to Niall.

“Hey Cat.” He said real quickly and then looked out the window.

Liam got into the car and shut the door. Louis was driving the car and Harry was sitting in the passengers seat.

“Cozy?” Louis said turning around to look at all of us.

“Very.” Mairead said smiling back to him. I couldn’t help but laugh.

We started driving to dinner. Harry said something about a diner by the cinema. I didn’t question it since they were the ones who knew the city, not me. The radio was blasting so it wasn’t awkward in the car. Liam and Harry were going back and forth doing crazy dance moves. I joined them eventually. Mairead and Zayn were in deep conversation in the back of the car. They were probably getting to know each other. Niall was still looking out the window and Louis was driving the car. I felt like Niall was ignoring me. Did I do something wrong? I told myself I was just over thinking and that maybe he was just tired or something.

We pulled up in front of the Tic Tock Diner, which was where we would be eating. We walked inside and the waitress sat us in a really big booth. It was shaped like half a circle in the corner of the building. We all sat down and started looking at our menus. I was sitting in between Harry and Liam, while Mairead sat in between Louis and Zayn. Niall sat on the end next to Zayn. We were sitting across from each other.

Everyone was talking and joking around the entire time while we were eating. I would look over at Niall for a few seconds now and then. He would glance over to me for a second or to and give me an awkward smile and then look away again. I couldn’t help but feel like he was avoiding me. Everyone finished up there meals and we paid the bill. It was now 9:15 and we were seeing a 9:30 movie. We walked outside the diner and walked to the cinema, which was 2 buildings down.

“What movie are we seeing?” I said as we walked inside the building.

“The Woman in Black.” Zayn said smiling.

“What?!” Mairead and I said looking at each other in fear.

“Are you scared?” Louis said mocking our reactions

“I hate scary movies!” I said

“Yeah me too.” Mairead said

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you.” Harry said with a cheeky smile while putting his arm around my shoulder.

“Yeah and I’ll look after you Mairead.” Zayn said copying Harry’s movements.

Mairead and I just looked at each other and smiled and laughed a little. Everyone bought their tickets and we picked a row to sit in. Louis took his seat first followed by Harry, me, Niall, Liam, Mairead, and Zayn who sat at the end of the row.

“Hey stranger.” I said to Niall teasing him.

“Hey.” He said back to me.

“Is something wrong? I feel like you’ve been ignoring me all night.

“No I’m fine.” He said looking up at me with a reassuring smile.

“Ok good.” I said smiling back at him.

“So I’m not trying to sound like a loser or anything but I scream a lot at these kinds of movies.” I said half whispering to Niall.

“I can’t wait to see this.” Niall said now laughing.

The lights in the theater dimed, and the movie was starting. I sat there with a bag of popcorn in my hand, sharing with Niall and Harry. I could already tell that this movie was going to scare me and that this popcorn was going to end up everywhere.

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