Stole My Heart

Cat is just your average American girl who decides to move to London with one of her best friends Mairead. While settling into her new home she runs into the five cheeky band members of One Direction. As Cat and Mairead start to become close friends with the boys will Cat start to change the way she feels about some of the boys? This could change her friendships with some of them forever.


6. Truth or Dare


I woke up the next morning to the sun beaming on my face through the window. I moaned and turned over to check the time. It was 10:30. I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower and brush me teeth. When I was done I decided to go check my Twitter and Facebook. I usually did this after I woke up in the morning. I logged onto Twitter to see if anything was new with my friends and family, and to my surprise, my twitter was in complete chaos. I was getting 5 tweets a minute from people I didn’t even know. They were mostly teenage girls. My follower count had gone up by the hundreds right before my eyes. What was going on? I decided to read my mentions.

‘OMG you’re friends with One Direction! Lucky girl! Xx’

‘I’m so jealous that you know Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis personally!’

‘How’d you meet them?!’

I couldn’t believe what was right in front of my eyes. How could these five boys forget to mention the fact that they’re famous? How did all these people know I was friends’ with them and who I am? My thoughts were giving me a massive headache so I decided to call Niall. I picked up my phone, scrolled to his contact and pressed send.

“Hey babe! What’s up?” he said from the other end of the phone.

“Excuse me, but when were you planning on telling me you’re, oh I don’t know, famous?!” I practically shouted from the other end of the phone.

“Whoa, calm down.” Niall said back calmly. “I was gonna tell you sooner or later if you never found out.”

“All these girls are following and tweeting me and they know who I am. How do they know who I am!” I said now almost panicking.

“I don’t know. Someone must have taken a picture of all of us while we were out last night. Don’t worry about it. They’ll all love you, you’re perfect.”

Hearing him say that made my heart melt and I ended up smiling like an idiot. Good thing I was in my room alone so no one could see me.

“Ok, but your fans are tweeting me and asking me questions. What should I do?”

“Answer them?” he said like it was a no brainer. “Just be honest and be yourself. And stop worrying so much!”

“Okay. And while we’re on the subject, is there anything else I should know about you?”

“Nope. That’s it. I’m in a band with Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam.” He said reassuring me.

“Ok good.” I said laughing on the other end of the phone.

“Hey, um the boys and I were wondering if Mairead and you would like to come over tonight and hang out. We were planning on watching movies and playing games and stuff. We have a few guest rooms too if you guys wanna stay over.”

“Sure sounds great! What time should we come?”

“Around 7. We’re ordering pizza so come hungry.”

“Don’t worry. I’m always hungry.” I said laughing again.

“Ok good! See ya at 7 then.”

“See you at 7. Bye.” I said and then hung up the phone.

I don’t know why but I was extremely excited for tonight. I looked back over at the clock. It was now 11. I went back onto my laptop and started answering some questions since I had a lot of time to kill until it was 7.


It was now 6:30 and Mairead and I were starting to pack a few things for tonight. It only took us about 15 minutes since we were only packing for one night. I text Niall and got the address of the boys house.

“Mairead are you almost ready?” I said sitting in the living room waiting for her to finish packing.

“Yeah hold on!” She shouted back from her room.

10 seconds later Mairead came out of her room with her bag almost sprinting to the door.

“Come on Cathy lets go! The boys are waiting for us!” she said all excited and hyper.

“Ok ok relax.” I said laughing at how excited she was.

We got into our car, typed in the address on the GPS and started driving.

“According to the GPS the boys live 10 minutes away, which means we’ll get there at 7:10.” I said looking at the clock in the car.

“Are you really excited to go hang out with them tonight or am I the only one?” Mairead said.

“No I’m excited. But you’re more excited because you get to see Zayn.” I said mocking her.

“Yeah I know.” She said blushing.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone you like him.”

“Ok good. Because if you do I’ll tell everyone you like Niall.” She said trying to blackmail me.

“I don’t like him!” I said defensively.

“Keep telling yourself that but you guys are perfect for each other.” Mairead said not believing me.

We pulled up to the house and I parked the car in front. We both got out, grabbed our bags and walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later Harry answered the door.

“Catherine! Mairead!” he said pulling us into a group hug.

“Hey Harry!” we said at the same time.

He was clearly a little bit tipsy. We followed Harry inside into the kitchen where the rest of the boys were. They were all drinking too.

“Hey Catherine. Hey Mairead.” The boys all said greeting us with hugs.

“Hey.” We both said again.

Louis handed us both something to drink. We all sat there and talked for a little bit before Niall asked us if we wanted to put our bags in the guest rooms. We followed him upstairs and put our bags in our rooms.

“My room is right next to your Catherine so if you need anything tonight just let me know.” Niall said to me as I put my bag on the floor.

“Ok thanks.” I said smiling back to him.

We both went back downstairs and found the boys pulling out a bunch of board games and fooling around. They were clearly all tipsy by now.

“Ok everyone sit down we’re playing games!” Liam said

“What are we playing?” Mairead asked him.

“I don’t know.” Liam said thinking. “Zayn you pick.”

“Truth or dare!” Zayn shouted.

Oh great. Out of every game Zayn could think of he played truth or dare. Nothing good ever comes out of truth or dare. We all sat in a circle on the living room floor.

“I’ll start!” Zayn said looking around the circle trying to decide who he was going to pick. “Ok, Louis. Truth or dare?”

“Dare of course.” Louis said smiling

“Ok. I dare you to run down the street naked.” Zayn said laughing.

Louis stood up ad walked towards the door and everyone else followed. Mairead and I covered our eyes for the rest. The boys were laughing hysterically.

“Ok he has his clothes back on girls you can uncover your eyes” Harry said.

We both uncovered our eyes and everyone went back and sat in a circle again.

“Ok my turn to choose someone!” Louis said as he looked around the circle. “Harry!” He said with a smirk across his face. “Truth or Dare.”

“Uh.. Dare.” He said

“Ok. I dare you to kiss Catherine!” Louis said with a cheeky smile on his face.

I felt my face turn bright red. Out of every dare Louis could think of this is the one he had to choose?

“Well, go on. Kiss her.” Louis said trying to speed up the process.

Harry stood up and walked over to me and held out his hand. I looked at it for a second before grabbing it. He helped pull me up so now I was standing face to face with him. I looked down at my feet trying to avoid what was about to happen. He titled my head up so that I was now looking into his amazing green eyes. I was lost in them. Before I knew it his lips were pressed against mine and the room was silent. I few seconds later I broke away from the kiss and looked down at my feet again trying to hide the redness in my face again. All the boys were shouting and cheering, except Niall.

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