Stole My Heart

Cat is just your average American girl who decides to move to London with one of her best friends Mairead. While settling into her new home she runs into the five cheeky band members of One Direction. As Cat and Mairead start to become close friends with the boys will Cat start to change the way she feels about some of the boys? This could change her friendships with some of them forever.


14. Just a Kiss


Niall’s POV

It was two days since the carnival and I was getting ready to leave for the airport. The lads and I were going to be on our way to America doing our North American tour. I was really nervous about the whole thing but I was really excited too. Cat was going to be coming out and staying with us on tour in 2 weeks too so even though we were both upset to say goodbye, we’ll get too see each other soon. I heard a honking outside and looked out the window. It was Cat waiting outside in her car. She was driving me to the airport. I grabbed all my bags and met her outside.

“Hey babe.” I said dragging all my stuff to her car. She was opening the trunk for me.

“Hey.” She said running up to me and giving me a hug. “How excited are you?”

“Really excited. But I’m gonna miss you loads.” I said putting the last of my things in the car.

“I know. I’m really gonna miss you too.” She said as her smile dropped a little. “Now who’s going to come with me to Starbucks all the time?”

“Go with Paige or Mairead.” I said teasing her. We both got into the car and Cat started driving to the airport.

“It’s not going to be the same though.”

“I know.” I said grabbing her hand. “I promise we’ll go to Starbucks everyday when you come visit me on tour.”

“Pinkie promise?” She said holding her pinkie out to me.

“I pinkie promise.” I said wrapping my pinkie around hers.

We arrived at the airport and, as usual, it was mobbed with fans. They all had to stay outside though so we could have some privacy while saying goodbye to our family and friends. Since all my family and friends were in Ireland Cat was the only one there for me, but that was more than enough. Louis’s mom, Paige, and all his sisters were there along with Mairead for Zayn and his sisters and parents. Harry’s mom and sister and Liam’s whole family where there too.

“Flight 124 to New York City is now boarding.”

“I guess this is goodbye then.” I said pulling Cat into a hug and not letting her go. She wasn’t letting go either.

“Have fun and try not to forget about me, okay superstar?” She said jokingly but a tear fell down her cheek.

“I love you so much.” I said wiping it away with my thumb.

“I love you too.” She said. I leaned down to kiss her one last time, and then gathered up my things.

The lads and I started walking to security. I turned around real quick to get a glance of Cat one last time. I waved to her and she copied my motion and mouthed “I love you” to me.

Once we all finally got on the plane and got settled in I decided to go to sleep. I was extremely tired and wanted to just relax for a little while, because I could tell that the second we land in America, everything was going to be crazy.

Cat’s POV

It’s been a week since Niall had left for America and I missed him so much.  Every time you turned on the radio or television all you heard was “One direction and their North American Tour”. I wasn’t sure if seeing and hearing about Niall everyday was making things better or worse, but today it was definitely making it worse. Since Niall had been so busy I hadn’t talked to him in few days, but that was okay because today we planned to video chat when it was 11 p here in England.

To pass the time Paige, Mairead and I decided to go shopping. We started walking down the street and went into Topshop to get some clothes for when we go to America next week.

“How excited are you guys to see the boys next week?” Mairead said looking at all the shirts.

“Extremely excited!” Paige said jumping up and down.

“Stop people are looking at us like we’re crazy.” I was trying to ignore all the people in the store staring at us.

“Who cares?” Paige said. “Judge me I dare you!” She called out.

“She is going to be the reason why some crazy fangirls spot us I swear.” Mairead said dragging Paige to another section in the store. All I could do was follow them and laugh.

By the time we finished shopping we were all dead and couldn’t wait to go home. When we got home I still had some time to kill before my skype call with Niall, so I decided to just go on tumblr and twitter to kill some time. I was replying to some fans of the boys when I started getting links to some news article. I ignored it until the link started showing up more and more. I clicked on it since clearly people wanted me to see it. It was some stupid news article from one of those teen magazines and the title read “Niall Horan with new mystery girl”. Great. I looked more at the pictures attached to the article and it was some blonde girl who was all over Niall. I’ve never seen her before let alone even knew who she was. I wasn’t bothered that much until I got to the last picture and I completely froze. I felt like my heart had stopped and I was going to throw up my stomach and then I felt a giant teardrop roll down my cheek. What was in front of me was Niall Horan kissing another girl.

Niall’s POV

Saying I was having the day from hell was an understatement. Everything was just going wrong. We were recording some of the album and I couldn’t do anything right and everyone was giving me such harsh criticism, I got into a massive fight with Louis, and then to make the day even better a crazy fan came up to me and was all over me. She also ended up catching me off guard and kissing me. My stress level was through the roof. Cat didn’t usually look at the latest thing going on with our fandom and the latest drama, so hopefully I could just explain to her what had happened before she saw anything and got upset.

I opened up my laptop and a minute later a skype call from Cat popped up on the screen. I pressed accept started thinking of how I was going to tell her what happened. Soon her face appeared on my screen.

“Hey.” She said with no emotion at all.

“Hey babe.” I said after taking a deep breath.

“I need to talk to you.” I could see her expression become nervous and almost scared.

“What’s up?”

“Why did you kiss another girl?” I could tell that she was now crying.

“Cat just let me-“ I tried to finish my sentence but she cut me off.

“I thought I could trust you Niall. I thought when you said you loved me and you wanted to be with me you meant it. You know how I have trust issues when it comes to relationships.” She now started to cry even harder but she was angry. She was hurt.

After the day I had and after hearing her say that to me something inside me snapped. I do lover her and she can trust me. Yes, I do understand how she has trust issues but she didn’t even let me explain. I was now furious not only at the situation but at the fact that she didn’t even let me explain myself and started accusing me.

“You honestly think I’d go and do something like that behind your back? You think I don’t love you and that you can’t trust me? Clearly you don’t know me at all, and I thought that you, out of all people, would be understanding.” I said almost shouting now.

“How am I suppose to react to you kissing another girl Niall?” she snapped back at me.

“I’m done Cat. I just can’t do this right now.” I said trying to stop the tear that was about to stream down my face. “Goodbye.”

And with that I exited the video chat and shut off my computer.

Cat’s POV

Niall hung up the video chat and I just sat there frozen and numb. I couldn’t believe that he just broke up with me. And for what? Because I caught him kissing another girl? It made no sense. I didn’t know what to do with myself other than cry. I started to cry my heart out and eventually just cried myself to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and told Paige and Mairead what happened. I was so drained from the entire thing that I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone so I just asked them to leave me be for the day and they understood. All I wanted to do was go and see Niall and work things out, but it wasn’t that simple anymore. He was a pop star touring in America and I was just an average girl stuck in London, England. He probably wasn’t looking to talk to me anytime soon anyway because he was so mad yesterday.

A week later…

“I’m almost done packing.” Paige said as she sat down on the couch to take a break.

“Yeah me too.” Said Mairead.

“Have you and Niall talked at all since what happened?” Paige said as she searched through the channels on the television.

“No. He was really mad at me when he ended things. I haven’t tried to talk to any of the boys since.” I said

“Don’t worry if you guys are meant to be you’ll find your way back to each other.” Said Mairead.

“Let’s hope.” I said starting to feel sad again just thinking about the whole situation.

“Well, are you still coming out to America tomorrow to tour with the boys? Maybe a vacation would be good for you.” Said Paige.

“No I meant to cancel the ticket for my flight this morning but I forgot.”

“What if you still came and won Niall back?” Mairead said

I didn’t say anything for a few seconds. This could either be a really good idea or a really bad one, but I couldn’t let Niall go. Not like this anyway. I needed closure, but mostly I needed him back in my life.

“Mairead you’re genius. Someone help me pack. We have a plane to catch in the morning.” I said feeling better than I had the past week. We pulled out a few suitcases and started packing everything in sight. I was going to go see Niall.

Niall’s POV

The boys and I had been crazy busy the past few days so it helped keep my mind off of Cat for a little bit. I was missing her like crazy though and I needed to talk to her. I assumed she wasn’t coming out with Paige and Mairead tomorrow morning because of what happened and that made me feel worse.

“You okay?” Liam said waving his hand in front of my face. I guess I zoned out.

“I’m fine.” I sighed.

“Is it Catherine?” He said clearly not believing me. I stayed silent. “You should really talk to her.” Liam was right, as usual.

“I know. I want to talk to her in person though, not through the phone or on a video chat, I need to talk to her face to face. That’s the only way we’ll be able to work things out.”

“Isn’t she coming with Paige and Mairead tomorrow?” Liam said confused.

“Louis talked to Paige yesterday and she said she’s pretty sure she isn’t coming anymore. She probably didn’t want to have to see me while on vacation.” I said feeling really bad for breaking her heart over a complete misunderstanding.

“Well, we have a few days off. Go to her then.” Liam said as if it was obvious.

“You’re brilliant Liam!” I said as I opened up my laptop and booked the first flight I could find to England.

I was going home tomorrow morning to get Cat back, and nothing was going to stop me.



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