Stole My Heart

Cat is just your average American girl who decides to move to London with one of her best friends Mairead. While settling into her new home she runs into the five cheeky band members of One Direction. As Cat and Mairead start to become close friends with the boys will Cat start to change the way she feels about some of the boys? This could change her friendships with some of them forever.


8. Double Birthday


Catherine’s POV

It was now Saturday and my birthday. One out best friends Paige decided to move in with us last week since we had an extra room in our flat. We had hung out with the boys a few times since we last slept over their house a few weeks ago. Mairead and Zayn had started dating and Louis and Paige had taking a liking to each other too. They were bound to start dating soon too. Niall and I were still just friends. Nothing more. Yes I am dying inside because I do still like him. But lets be honest here, I’d never have the guts to tell him and make things awkward.

“Happy birthday!!!” Paige and Mairead came bursting into my room and jumping on top of me.

“Thank you!” I said pulling them into a group hug.

“Ok get dressed we’re going shopping for an outfit for you for tonight.” Paige said pushing me into my bathroom.

“What are we doing tonight?” I said

“Going out for your birthday. Duh. Come on Cathy I know you just woke up but use your brain.” Mairead said leaving my room with Paige so they could go get ready.

I took a shower, put on a little makeup real quick and tied my hair back and got dressed. It was now around 1 in the afternoon. I met Mairead and Paige in the kitchen and we all had a quick lunch and then headed out.

“So where are we going tonight?” I said as we started walking down the street towards the shops.

“To a club. It’s gonna be fun.” Mairead said

“Yeah we have everything planned out so don’t worry about it.” Paige said reassuring me.

We walked into the first shop and started looking at all the dresses and shoes. I am in heaven. I started looking through all the racks looking at dresses. I grabbed a few and headed to the dressing room with Paige and Mairead. They were trying on dresses to but I wanted them to approve of the dress since they would know if it was appropriate for tonight.

“Dress shopping is impossible.” I said from inside my dressing room.

“Stop stressing out. I have a feeling this is going to be the right dress.” Paige said waiting outside.

We had been shopping for 3 hours now with no luck in finding me a dress. Paige and Mairead had no problem finding theirs but all the ones I was trying on either didn’t fit right, made me look fat or were just ugly. Dress shopping was always hard for me but today it felt impossible. It was now almost 4:30. Crap. It’s my birthday and I have no dress so I’ll look like poop tonight scare every boy in the building and die alone with 20 cats.

“I found it! I found the perfect dress.” Mairead said running towards me with a black dress. It was strapless and ended about mid thigh. It wasn’t too tight, but it was to loose either. It looked perfect.

“If this dress doesn’t look good I’m going and buying a cat.” I said grabbing the dress and running into the dressing room.

“Oh quiet Cathy you’re not buying a cat and dying alone.” Mairead said waiting outside of the dressing room.

“This dress is the one. I can feel it.” Paige said.

I put on the dress and stared at myself in the mirror for a few seconds. It. Was. Perfect.

“Well? How does it look?” Mairead said nervously. I opened the door.

“It’s perfect I love it!” I said jumping up and down. “Ok lets find shoes!”

I went back into the dressing room got changed and bought the dress. We all started looking for shoes now, which didn’t take long since shoes are easy to buy. We walked back to the flat and all went into our rooms and started showering and getting ready. As I was waiting for my flat iron to heat up I decided to text Niall since I hadn’t texted him happy birthday yet.

Happy Birthday! We should meet up tonight. Me, Mairead and Paige are going out.

It took him a few minutes to reply but not too long. I opened his text after I finished doing my hair.

I’m busy tonight. Sorry.


Ok I guess he forgot it was my birthday too. And he seems to not want to do anything with me tonight even though we are basically best friends. I suck. None of the boys had even said happy birthday to me either today. Not gonna lie, I was kinda hurt but I didn’t want to bring attention to the subject so I just pretended like nothing happened and that it didn’t bother me. Even though inside I was dying. I finished my makeup, got dressed really quick and met Paige and Mairead in the living room.

“Ready to party Cat?” Mairead said doing a weird dance.

“Yes. Let’s do this poo!” I said heading towards the door.

We started driving to where ever Mairead and Paige were taking me. They wouldn’t tell me where we going though because it was a surprise.

“Did I ever tell the boys when my birthday was?” I said

“Is that even a question? You’ve been talking nonstop for the past few weeks about how excited you are for your birthday.” Paige said

“Oh ok.” I said sitting back trying to forget I even asked.

“Why?” Mairead said still focusing on her driving.

“Well the boys never said happy birthday to me. Not even Niall. Come to think of it, no one, except you guys, had said happy birthday to me all day.” I said

“That’s weird.” Paige said with a confused look on her face.

We all just went back to listening to the music in the car and singing. I wasn’t going to let the fact that almost everyone had forgot my birthday. Even if it killed me.

We pulled up to where ever Paige and Mairead were taking me. Before I could even see where we were, Paige covered my eyes and they both guided me inside.

“What are you doing?” I said walking slowly with my hand in front of me trying not to fall on my face.

“You’ll see.” They both said quickly at the same time. I heard them open a door and they uncovered my eyes.

The room was dark and I was really confused. But before I could say anything all the lights came on and everyone scream “Surprise!”. I my jaw dropped because I was so surprise. My parents and brothers even flew out for a few days for the party too.

“Oh my god! Thank you so much guys!” I said bringing Mairead and Paige into a group hug.

My parents quickly came up to us and gave me a hug and so did my brothers. I’ve missed them all so much so it was nice that they came out for my birthday. As soon as I was done greeting my family I noticed five boys talking in the corner of the room. It was the boys of course. I began to walk over towards them when Niall noticed me and ran over to me and gave me a bear hug.

“Happy Birthday babe!” He said over the music still hugging me.

“Thanks you too!” I said back.

“Happy birthday!” the rest of the boys said trampling me with hugs.

“Thanks guys. I thought you forgot.”

“How could we possibly forget yours and Niall’s birthday since you haven’t shut up about it for the past two weeks.” Harry said joking.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Sorry we didn’t text you or anything. If we did one of us was bound to give away the surprise.” Liam said

I gave them all a hug again and said thank you. After I greeted everyone I started dancing with Mairead and Paige. Soon everyone joined in and started dancing too. I eventually got hungry and went to go get some pizza.

“Having fun?” Someone said behind me. I turned around and saw Harry.

“Yeah. I wasn’t expecting a party like this.” I said eating my pizza.

“Well you deserve it.” He said giving me a cheeky smile. I got lost in his eyes for a second. Those damn eyes. I snapped out of it though. I liked Niall not Harry. Harry and I sat there and talked for a little while as I ate and then went back onto the dance floor with everyone else.

Niall’s POV

I was dancing with Catherine for a little while and having fun. This was one of the most fun birthdays I’ve ever had. Liam and I decided to sit for a few minutes since we were both hungry and getting tired.

“Why are you so happy birthday boy?” Liam said elbowing me.

“If I tell you, you have to promise not to say anything ok?” I said looking at him seriously now.

“Ok. Spill.” Liam said leaning in.

“I-I kinda fancy Catherine.” I said almost whispering.

“I knew it!” Liam said shouting and raising his arms like he just won a sporting event.

“Quiet!” I said trying not to draw attention to us. “I don’t want everyone finding out.”

“Well are you gonna tell her?” Liam said seriously again.

“I don’t know man. I mean I don’t think she’ll like me back.” I said looking down at the floor.

“Trust me just tell her. I know she likes you too.” Liam said. My head popped up and I couldn’t help but smile like and idiot.

“You really think so?”

“Yeah. I mean it’s pretty obvious to everyone that you two like each other.” Liam said.

Liam was right. I had to tell Catherine how I felt. And by the looks of it Harry was moving in on her too. He was all over her on the dance floor right now. I had to act fast before Harry made a move but first I had to get the courage to tell her how I feel.

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