Forbidden Love

Harry and Allison have a love so strong not even her father can keep them apart. Allison gives up everything to be with him, until the accident. Will their love be strong enough to withstand the trials?


1. Your love is my drug

The wind's whipping through  my wet hair, causing it to hit my face. I continue running, from something behind me. It seems the faster I run, the slower I get though. Everything is black and white but its so clear. I'm in a forest and whatever is behind me is getting closer. I can see its shadow over the top of me and I scream, trying to run faster. Nothing seems to work, I look all around me and the scenery changes. It changes quickly but I see everything and know what it is. It's my life in little snippets surrounding me like a movie. My breathing gets faster and everything goes black.

"Ahhh!" i wake up screaming.
"Shhh babe, it's okay! It was just a dream, just a dream" I hear a voice soothing me. His strong but gentle hands rubbing my back, pulling me back to reality. I feel sweat on my forehead, reaching for the lamp on the bedside table I switch it on. 
"It was so real this time" my breathing begins to slow down at the realization that I was safe. He nods.
"I know, I know" he runs his hand through his beautiful brown curls and sighs. I look into his eyes, those beautiful green eyes I had looked into for 12 years. Not with the same intense love I had now, but still the same eyes. Ever since we were children he had my best interest at heart. When I was bullied at school he would stick up for me, even if he knew that he would be hurt for it. 

"What is it Harry? Why do I keep having the same dream?" my eyes began to water but I push the tears back. I hate crying in front of Harry, I knew it hurt him when I was sad and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt him. 
"I'm not sure love, but you're okay and that's all that matters" he tries to smile. His voice is slow and deep, so soothing. I nod.
"I'm not sure if I can go back to sleep" I whisper. He smiles genuinely this time. 
"What song shall it be this time?" he asks. I smile too, he knows I love it when he sings to me. He had the voice of an angel.
"Surprise me" I lay back down on the bed and he wraps his arms around me. Cradling me, he moves his mouth close to my ear. He leaves a little kiss on the top of my ear and starts humming the beginning of 'Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton. Mm, one of my favorites. My eyelids get heavier and even though I try to stay awake just to hear Harry sing, I can't help it and darkness soon comes. 

I'm in my room crying. My dad had just told Harry to leave me, to never come back. He had just come into my room to explain why he doesn't want me and Harry to be together. I stayed silent the whole time as he explained but inside I was screaming. When he left the tears in my eyes would no longer stay put and they came like a waterfall. This wasn't just a dream, this was a memory. I look over to the floor next to me, before my dad came in I was reading old love notes me and Harry would send to each other. We were 14 and best friends,  we had this idea that if we sent letters to each other no one would ever know about our conversations. They were ours and ours alone. It started off with just post it notes stuck to each others desks at school but it became something so much more then that. I picked it up, the paper was old and the ink was beginning to fade but I could practically recite the words he had written off by heart. 
'My dearest Allie, it seems like we have written at least a thousand notes to each other. I'm 18 and your 17 and we're still writing. Our letters mean the world to me, it's our special thing and I wouldn't want to share it with anyone but you. You are more special to me then you will ever know. Meet me at our park tonight, love you more then life. Harry x' 
Re reading it only brought a new set of tears streaming down my face. This was the last letter he had given me. It was my turn to reply. I close my eyes for a bit, knowing that my dad wouldn't let me leave the house under any circumstances meant that I couldn't see Harry. He had already become a part of me and it seemed like i was dying inside without him.

 Suddenly I'm in a car, Harry is next to me and  I'm surrounded by pillows and clothes. My dream had skipped forward to the part where Harry had broken me out of what seemed like prison. We're on a long road, everything around me is going so fast. That was either because Harry was driving way over the limit or my mind was fast forwarding everything. Now I can see my dad barge into my room, his face full of sadness. It breaks my heart, he was by himself now. He had no one, mum had died last year and I was the only child. He pulls a drink from somewhere and skulls it. Drinking was always his solution to problems. It had got so bad he started hitting me.  My dream takes on a similarity to the last one and now the movie playing around me was of me and Harry. Every embrace, every stolen kiss, every time we had exclaimed our love for each other. It made it all worth while. Suddenly a black shadow was over the top of me and I was running again. I closed my eyes tight, trying anything to wake myself up.

I shoot up, my breathing sharp. I look down at Harry who is sound asleep. I slowly pull the sheets off me and tipi toe into the bathroom. I switch the light on and close the door. I look at myself in the mirror for a bit, my eyeliner smudged under my eyes from the night before and my long brown hair a tangled mess. I wondered how anyone could love me, as much as Harry does. My head starts banging and I know whats coming next so I run to lock the door and then to the toilet. I start vomiting, as quiet as I can. It isn't long until I hear a knock on the door.

"Alison? Are you alright?" he only ever calls me that when he is either mad or worried. 
"I'm fine, just wait outside" I manage to say before I have to vomit again. There is a silence and then another knock.
"Come on Allie! I can help you just let me in!" his voice starts to get more desperate. 
"I'm not letting you in with me looking like this Harry! Just wait, I'll be fine" I exclaim. I start to get better and I sit back on the cold tiles, letting my head rest on the wall. 
"Can I come in now?" he pleads.
"Hold on" I get up and go to the sink. I turn the tap on and gurgle some water, brush my teeth, gurgle some mouthwash and then repeat. I wash my face, taking all the old makeup off and attempt to untangle my hair, without much success. I end up stripping and having a shower, I lather myself in nice smelling body lotion and wash my hair. Once I'm relaxed enough and smell nice I close the taps and step out. I wrap myself in a towel and put on the hoodie I had on before. It wasn't too bad. I sigh looking into the mirror and then unlock the door.

 When I slowly walk out, Harry is sitting on the bed. He looks so relaxed. His eyes follow me across the room as I take off his hoodie and exchange it with another, throwing the dirty one on the floor. 
"You're so messy" he rolls his eyes over dramatically. 
"I know" I smile and walk towards him.
"And stubborn" he raises his eyebrows.
"Mmhmm" I nod, getting closer.
"And absolutely crazy at times" he smiles. I reach him and sit on his lap.
"And what would you do without me Styles?" I ask.
"I honestly have no idea" he looks directly into my eyes and gives a sly smile. His dimples still show through though and I poke them just like I did the first day I met him. Of course we were only 5 then but it still makes us laugh. He closes his eyes and I lock my arms around him. We both pull in closer and just stay like that for a moment. He inhales deeply.
"Mmm, you smell lovely" he whispers. I smile, my eyes closed.
"You do too" I whisper.
"I would never-" but before I can finish my sentence he pulls in close enough for our lips to touch. My grip on him tightens a little and his arm wraps around my waist. Our kisses grow a little more desperate, like we hadn't seen each other in weeks. These are the kisses I was used to, because  even if we had spent days just with each other, we would make sure these moments were lived like they were out last.

Authors Note: Hello person reading this! Well thanks for taking the time out to read what I love to write :) I know, I'm channeling a bit of The Notebook here but that's my all time favourite movie so if there are some similarities please don't kill me! Chapter 2 will be up soon :) xx
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