Forbidden Love

Harry and Allison have a love so strong not even her father can keep them apart. Allison gives up everything to be with him, until the accident. Will their love be strong enough to withstand the trials?


2. Before you leave me today

My eyes flutter open to a cold winters morning. I pull the covers over me, the curtains had been opened and the sunshine was coming through. It lights up the room beautifully. I turn around to hug Harry, only to find half a bed all neatly done up. I smile to myself, neat freak. There is a note on the pillow, I smile even wider. Rubbing my eyes, I slowly sit up and pick up the note. 
'Good morning beautiful :) 
If you're reading this it means I'm not back in time to say good morning myself. The boys needed me urgently, some meeting thing...I'm actually not 100% sure why but, yeah! I'll be back soon, 
I love you, 
Harry xx' 
I smile, slowly pulling the sheets off me. I step onto the cold wooden floors and walk to the wardrobe. I open the doors and pull out a book, my book full of notes. I take the note that Harry gave me this morning and put it into my collection. I smile at my stupid clinginess to things, but shrug and put it back. 
I decide to start making breakfast, I knew Harry would be hungry when he got home, he always was. I smiled to myself, best girlfriend ever.I put my socks on and walk to the kitchen. There are dishes left over from last night, I sigh walking over to the sink. I really should wash these, but... I shrug and go to the fridge, cleaning was never my strong point. I open the fridge doors and there is hardly anything in there. That's why we had take away last night, idiot. I sigh and go back to the bedroom. I pull the sheets a little so they are straight, my version of making the bed. You can always tell which side Harry sleeps on. I hear a vibration coming from my bag. I always leave my phone there, it didn't really matter though. After me and Harry ran away together, I disconnected from my old life so there was hardly anyone to call or text me anymore. I walk over to my bag and dig for my phone. 2 missed calls. I tap on it, who calls me this early? Zayn, okay that's weird. I hear a knock at the door, I run to the wardrobe, take Harry's hoodie off and replace it with a new pair of underwear. I slip on some khaki jeans and a flowy white shirt. Finally, I head to the door and open it. 
"Hey Louis! Uh, Harry isn't here, I thought he was supposed to be at some meeting with you guys but you can come in and wait if you want?" I smile widely, this was unexpected. There is something off about his facial expression though, I cant tell what it is.
"Did you get Zayn's calls?" he asks; more seriously then he ever talks.
"Uh, I missed them but I know he called. Why? What's wrong?" I ask.
"Babe, you need to come with me now" he says.

Authors note: Hi! I know this chapter was kind of short but, hey! Once again, thankyou for reading and chapter 3 will be up soon! ❤❤
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