That Summer

Sarah grew up having a pretty normal life everything for her was pefectly planned. Even she wasnt really sure why she decided to pack up and leave South Hampton and go to London. What were the odds that on her first day there she would meet Louis Tomlinson. As the summer goes on she learns just to be herself, appriciate life and most importantly just have fun. Best of all she may have met the love of her life.


3. Your it

Sarah's POV 
     Hopefully I at the right flat, it was nice but that doesn't surprise me being in One Direction he probably makes at lot of money. Suddenly I knew I was at the right place when the door opened and he was standing there, we just awkwardly stood the for a few seconds until he started talking "Hello, thanks for bringing my phone and here's yours" he handed me my phone and I did the same.

"No problem, and thanks" I was right I was just the girl who had his phone "I should probably get going" I turned around and took about 2 steps before I stopped when I heard his voice. 

"Wait," I turned around and looked into his perfect blue eyes, not knowing what to expect "I got stuff to make pizzas for me and Harry, but he canceled, do you want to make them with me?" the question took me by surprise, I had nothing else better to do so why not? 
"Yea, it sounds fun" I said as I walked into his flat.

     The pizza was actually turning out pretty good and Louis was great to talk to. I told him about moving here from South Hampton and other stuff from before I moved here, and he would do strange little things that would make me laugh. Things were going great we got the first pizza in the oven and started on the second. We worked perfectly together amazingly without ever getting in each others way. I was spreading sauce on the second pizza and Louis was grabbing the cheese. "Hey Sarah" he said, as soon as I turned to look at him he flicked a handful of cheese at me. I had seen this on TV but have never been in food fight before, but I knew exactly what to do.

"Oh, it's on now" I said in a playful tone then throwing a few pepperoni at him. I missed him the first time but the second time hit him in the face. With a mischievous smile he grabbed some random toppings next to him and I did the same. Within a few minutes it was a full on food fight, toppings were everywhere, I had something in my hair, mushrooms maybe? I really didn't care, the kitchen was a mess but we still continued. That's when Louis grabbed the thing of sauce, "No, you wouldn't" I said.

"Yes I would!!"  he started moving towards me, I tied to get away but he had me cornered. Right before he dumped it on me I blocked it with arm, spilling it on both of us. By that point we were both dying of laughter "We really made a mess" he said while still having the cutest smile on his face.
"Yea, that was the best first food fight ever" I said, we were both sitting on the floor extremely close, covered in sauce. 
"You've never been in a food fight before?" 
"No"  I told him right as the timer went off for our first pizza 
" Well at least we have one pizza to eat" He said as he started to get up to take it out of the oven.
"How about we let this cool while we clean up, do you want some clothes to change into?" 
"Yea, thanks" he walked back to what I'm guessing was his room and returned with some clothes.

"Their probably too big, but it's better than staying in that" he showed me where the bathroom was and I went to change. Luckily no sauce got in my hair just a few vegetables, so I just threw it up in a messy bun. He had given me a pair of sweatpants and a teeshirt, they were to big but I managed to keep the pants on by rolling them up a few times. The shirt  was loose but it didn't really bother me. I came out as he was cutting the pizza, I noticed he was wearing similar sweatpants and red teeshirt, it just fit him better. "You ready to eat?" he asked 

"Yea" I told him, going to grab a slice. We ate on the couch, both sitting on opposite ends but facing each other, just talking. He told me about the tours they had been on and that they weren't touring this summer so he just had a summer to enjoy for the first time in a while. We talked for what seemed like forever when suddenly Louis asked "Do you wanna go for a walk?" 

"Louis, it's like 11:30"  
"So, let's go" he said excitedly. I usually wouldn't do this kind of thing, but Louis brought out a different side of me, I mean we had a food fight earlier. Me and my friends never did anything crazy, we would always have everything perfectly planned out. I know its just a walk late at night but back at home we probably would have just watched movies we've seen 100 times. When I think back I realized my life was really boring, maybe that's why I moved to London, to have a little excitement I'm my life. I enjoyed Louis spontaneous personality, and him always wanting to do something exciting, even if it was just a random late night stroll. 

      Within minutes we were out they door and just walking down the middle of an empty road. "So anywhere you want to go, or are just going to walk around?" I asked him.
"Actually there is a little park close by that I never get to go to during the day because people recognize me and go crazy" he told me. I wonder what it's like to not be able to go out in public without people freaking out because your some famous singer.

"Then we"ll go there" we walked in science for a few seconds, I had my arms at my side when I felt Louis grab my hand in his. I looked at him and he just gave me a small smile. The whole time at his flat I felt comfortable around him, but now I was getting butterflies in my stomach, was I falling for him? He really was just a real guy not someone who became famous and automatically thought he could get anyone in bed. It was nice to see the soft side of him and not just his playful personality he uses for the fans. We continued to head towards the park, hand in hand, silent, just enjoying each others company. 

     It took us about ten minutes to get there, and as soon as we did Louis went back to being his playful self. He automatically wanted to go over to the swings. He was showing off how high he could go like he was a kid again, I just laughed at him while swinging normally next to him. I guess his spontaneous personality was starting to rub off on me because suddenly I got an idea. We were swinging in opposite directions, me going froward, him going backwards. As I passed him I stuck my arm out slightly touching him and yelling "Your it!" as I jumped off the swing and started running towards the playground. I got a nice head start but I could hear him coming after me. I started climbing up the stairs heading towards the big slide, I was moving fast but I could tell he was close behind me. I got to the very top, Louis was right behind me, I was about to make my escape and go down the slide when I felt his arm around my waist. I let out a small playful scream as he turned me around and kissed me. He pulled back for a second and said "Your it" then kissed me again. 
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