That Summer

Sarah grew up having a pretty normal life everything for her was pefectly planned. Even she wasnt really sure why she decided to pack up and leave South Hampton and go to London. What were the odds that on her first day there she would meet Louis Tomlinson. As the summer goes on she learns just to be herself, appriciate life and most importantly just have fun. Best of all she may have met the love of her life.


7. The hate starts

" We are never ever getting back together!!" Louis snag at the top of his lungs.
"Louis come on, put so thing else on, this song is like two years old." I told him.
" What? I like this song." He said wearing that adorable smile on his face he always has. We were on our way back from the lake on the way to Louis flat since the boys were coming over later. We had been together about two months now and I had basically moved into his place.the whole way back Louis decided to sing, I just laughed at him, joining in on a few songs.
We'd just gotten home and I had about an hour to get ready before the boys got there. I walked into Louis', well I guess you could say our flat, when I saw my phone sitting on the counter, I didn't even realize I had left it. I checked it and realized I had hundreds of twitter notifications, curious I went to check it out. The first thing I noticed was a picture of me and Louis at the grocery store a few nights ago, someone must've seen us and taken a picture. Next I checked my mentions, I'm mot even sure how they found out my name, some of the things were really nice like "I wish I was that pretty"
"She's so lucky!!"
" Aww they're so cute together! :)" but then I started to notice some of the negative things.
"Looks like Louis has a new beard, just let Larry be!!"
"Who is this slut, back off Louis is mine!!!"
" Seriously stay away from Louis!!!!"
"Why would he date her?!?!?"
I felt the tears running down my face, I knew it wouldn't be easy when people found out, but I didn't know it would be this bad. Just then Louis walked in and noticed me crying, he immediately came over to the couch where I was and sat down next to me. He must've seen my phone with twitter open because he wrapped his muscular arms around me and whispered in my ear "Don't listen to them"
"How can I just ignore them, they hate me already!" I practically yelled.
He lifted up my chin looking straight into my eyes "Listen to me Sarah, your beautiful and their just jealous because you've got my heart." He said and then kissing me on my forehead.
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