That Summer

Sarah grew up having a pretty normal life everything for her was pefectly planned. Even she wasnt really sure why she decided to pack up and leave South Hampton and go to London. What were the odds that on her first day there she would meet Louis Tomlinson. As the summer goes on she learns just to be herself, appriciate life and most importantly just have fun. Best of all she may have met the love of her life.


4. Simple Things

   I woke up the next morning in my bed not really sure how I got there. The last thing I remember is Louis driving me home at about 1:00, I must've fallen asleep in the car. I guess Louis carried me in last night I thought when I noticed a note on my nightstand.
Lunch today? I'll pick you up at 12 -Louis P.S. your really cute when your asleep :) 
     I looked at the clock it was already 10:30 so I started to get ready. I took a shower and put on this patterned skirt and a grey shirt and I just straighten my hair. I wonder where he was taking me since anywhere he goes people would recognize him. I checked twitter while waiting for him, he was here about 5 minutes before twelve. "Hello" he said
"Hey, so where are we going?" I asked as we walked to his car
"Thats a surprise" he told me while he opened the car door for me. We drove for about 15 minutes before we pulled into a small Italian restaurant but instead of parking in the front he pulled around back. We entered thought the kitchen and were escorted to a small room. "I'm sorry but this is the only way we could go to a restaurant" he said
"No, it's fine, I actually kind of like this, having a private little room" 
    Lunch was good, and of course I had an good time just because I was with Louis. It was amazing how we could always find something to talk about, I wonder if well ever run out of topics. The next week went by pretty fast and we spent most of it together. We didn't do anything special just simple things but I guess being with each other made it special. It was filled with many walks, dinners at each others flats and lots of kisses, but he never pressured me to do anything else, which I appreciated. I guess you could say we were officially a couple but Louis told me its best not to tell the fans yet. 
     One night we were at my flat sitting on the couch, just watching old movies together. He was playing with my hair, which has become a strange habit of his but I didn't mind I just laughed at him when ever he did it. Suddenly he stopped and told me "Sarah, I think it's time you meet the rest of the boys. They've been wondering who my mystery girl is I've been spending so much time with instead of them." 
"Ok," I said "Where will I be meeting them?" 
"Well, Harry was having a cookout tomorrow and I was hoping you would come so I could show you off to them" he said pulling me into his lap. 
"I'll be there" I told him looking straight into his piercing blue eyes, I kissed him and then rest my head on his shoulder. I must've fallen asleep because next thing I knew I was being lifted off the couch and carried to my room. I was half asleep but could tell what was going on, he laid me down on my bed, I opened my eyes just to see him one last time before I went to sleep. He noticed and kissed me gently on my forehead saying "Goodnight Sarah, I'll see you tomorrow"  before he could leave I grabbed his wrist quietly saying "Don't go" I was glad to see him climb into my bed next to me and wrap his arms around me. Shortly after that I drifted off to sleep
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