That Summer

Sarah grew up having a pretty normal life everything for her was pefectly planned. Even she wasnt really sure why she decided to pack up and leave South Hampton and go to London. What were the odds that on her first day there she would meet Louis Tomlinson. As the summer goes on she learns just to be herself, appriciate life and most importantly just have fun. Best of all she may have met the love of her life.


6. Day at the lake

"We're almost there" Louis told me
We had been walking for a while, and Louis was determined to take me to this place by a small lake the boys had discovered a while ago. We were on on of those trails no one really uses but are there, it's was kind of creepy out in the woods but I trusted Louis. I'm pretty sure he didn't bring me out here to kill me or anything. It was a few weeks after the cookout at Harry's, after that night Wonderwall quickly became me and Louis' song. We've spent a lot of time together and he always has something exciting to do. One of our favorite things to do is go to the cinema, get a ticket for one movie and when it's finished go to another movie, we could watch about 3 or 4 movies while we were there.
"And were here" Louis said excitedly
It was this small meadow with the lake he was talking about to the right. I was looking around when Louis said " Hey Sarah look at this"
I turned to look right when he took a picture of me with his iPhone, he loved to take pictures, especially of me.
"Louis, why do always have to take surprise pictures of me? They probably end up looking horrible"
"No they don't, they look beautiful and I like having pictures of you" he said
We had a small lunch sort of, we'll more like just a snack. Soon I noticed those white puffy weeds, you know the ones you make a wish and then blow on. I think it's some type of dandelion. I got up from where were sitting and started heading towards them "Lou come here" I said.
"What is it?" He asked
I picked one and handed it to him "Make a wish" I told him
He did and then we continued to pick more and just play around with them. Louis was trying to pick as many as he could I think, he had at least 30 in his hands by now. For came over to me handing them out to me "For you, my love"
I took them and blew on the bouquet of dandelions sending 100's of the little white things flying into his face. He had a mini spazz attack trying to get the out of his face, I was to busy laughing to notice when he came over and picked me up.
"Louis! What are you doing?" I asked, he now had me over his shoulder
"Payback" he replied. It took me a few seconds to realize where he was taking me. The lake. I knew what was coming next, so as soon as he tried to throw me in I grabbed onto his arm pulling us both in.
"Ahhh!!" We both screamed on the way in.
We hit the water at the same time, making a large splash. I quickly started to swim towards the surface and opened my eyes to see Louis in front of me smiling. We were both laughing when I felt him grab my hand and pull me towards him, then kissing me. I could feel him smiling on my lips, he pulled back in the middle like he did that one night on the playground but this time he said "Sarah, I love you"
"I love you to" I told him
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