That Summer

Sarah grew up having a pretty normal life everything for her was pefectly planned. Even she wasnt really sure why she decided to pack up and leave South Hampton and go to London. What were the odds that on her first day there she would meet Louis Tomlinson. As the summer goes on she learns just to be herself, appriciate life and most importantly just have fun. Best of all she may have met the love of her life.


10. Beach House

It was spring break in my final year of high school, my parents let me and my three best friends stay here. After a few nights there we decided to have a bonfire on the beach and invite our boyfriends. They came and it was turning out to be the perfect night. Someone suggested we roast marshmallows so I went inside to grab some, I was digging in the pantry when my boyfriend at the time Jack came in. He came over and started to kiss me and after a few minutes of that I said we should go back to everyone else. "No, let's stay here." He said grabbing my arm and basically dragging me to the nearest bedroom then trying to push me up against a wall. "Stop!" I told him as I started to get scared "where not doing anything" he didn't listen he had me pinned to the wall kissing me as I was struggling trying to get away. He started to pull of my shirt and I was trying to get him to stop but no matter how many times I told him he didn't listen to me. I wasn't sure exactly what he planned to do to me but I was lucky that it started raining and everyone came inside. They found us and the he got off of me. I was basically in tears when I yelled at him telling him to leave, thankfully he did and we never talked again.
My thoughts were interrupted when Louis came up behind me wrapping his arms around me and kissing my check. I jumped a little
"Gosh Lou, you scared me I didn't hear you come in."
"I'm sorry," he said " do you want to go down to the beach since we only have one day?"
"Yea, I'll change and meet you down there" I told him.
I quickly grabbed my coral bikini and changed into it with my sundress over it and then headed downstairs to grab some towels out of the little linen closet in the hallway. As soon as I saw it I froze, my memories from that night came rushing back again, fear rushed over me. Louis must have seen me standing in the hallway staring into that bedroom with a scared expression on my face. I heard him rushing over to me and looking in the room to make sure nothing was there, then he came over to me pulling me into his chest.
"What's wrong?" He asked in a concerned tone.
After 30 minutes and many tears I had told him about the whole thing with Jack, his facial expression was a mixture of disgust, concern, and shock. He held me close comforting me telling me things like "I'm so sorry" or "I don't understand how someone could be so cruel to you". Louis then stared to try and cheer me up, and he did a great job at it. He would make strange faces, or make dumb jokes and had me laughing within a few minutes.
"Right here is fine" I told Louis, as he set down the beach chairs. The beach was pretty empty, I only saw a few people a little ways down, they looked older so they probably wouldn't bother us. I took off my dress I had over my swimsuit and threw it in my bag, then I looked over at Louis to see him staring. "Louis"
"Yea" he said.
"Stop staring" I said with a smirk.
"No, I don't want to" he said walking over to me and wrapping his arms around my waist and placing a kiss on my forehead "I love you," he said then grabbing my wrist and leading me towards the ocean "now lets go swimming"
We spent a few hours playing in the waves, holding hands and jumping over them and just messing around in the water. Soon we got out and were just laying out on the beach, we had a pretty average day at the beach, well average for us. The best part were Louis facial expressions, I don't know how he always comes up with the strangest ones. We went back inside and both took quick showers, when I finished and got dressed I went downstairs to find a note on the counter saying he had run to the store to get us something for dinner. So I sat and watched TV while I waited for him to get back. About 15 minutes later he came back with a bunch of random foods bacon, ice cream, apples and much more. We managed to throw something together to eat and agreed I should do the grocery shopping in the future.
"Stop!" I managed to say in between laughs, Louis then stopped tickling me.
"Fine, I"ll stop, for now." He said. We were out on the balcony watching some fireworks people were doing a little ways down the beach, Louis was behind me with his arms wrapped around me.
"What do you think your meetings about tomorrow?" I asked him
"It's probably about our 2015 tour dates, so their basically going to tell me how long their going to separate us." He told me.
"How long do you think it'll be?" I asked
"It could be anywhere from 6-10 months, but don't worry I'll always remember to call you, text you throughout the day, and Skype you," he said turning me around to face him and pulling me close wrapping his arms around me so they were resting on my lower back " I'll make sure I can fly you out to a few shows and when ever I have a few days off I'll be on a plane to London as fast as I can" he said and then kissing me. At first it was sweet and gentle but soon the kiss became rougher, and he was lifting me up and carrying off the balcony and back into the bedroom. I knew what was coming next, was I ready? Before things went any further he stopped and asked me "Are you sure?"
"Yea" I replied as he continued to kiss me down my neck.
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