Never Leave You

Divya Ray is a normal girl who lives with her best friend, Alex. Her parents died when she was 4. On the first day of her college, she bumps into Zayn Malik, who changes her life forever...


10. X Factor

*3 weeks later*

Divya's P.O.V

                     I can't believe I have already been with the boys for 3 weeks. Time really flies. We were at the beach, as it was one of our favourite places to hang out. On that day, however, I was feeling really tired. It was about 10pm. I was sitting beside Zayn when I suddenly said," Guys, can you sing for me?" Everybody just looked at me shocked. Zayn started singing first and then the rest of the boys joined in. I had only heard Zayn's voice so far, but the boys' voices were so beautiful. They really ought to try out for X Factor. But before I could express my idea, I was already asleep on Zayn's shoulder. 

                When I woke up the next day, I found myself on my bed. I squinted into the brightness and saw Zayn lying down beside me. I didn't really want to wake him up because he must have slept really late yesterday. So, I was slowly creeping out of the bed, when Zayn pulled me back. "You are not going anywhere without giving me a morning kiss." He smirked. I sighed and kissed his cheek and was leaving, but once again, he pulled me back and said," Not enough!" He pouted. I shook my head and leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips. I went into the bathroom and was showering when I heard someone banging on the door. "Divya! Open up! I need to pee!" I heard Zayn whine. "Uh-uh. I'm not letting you in. I am showering. Give me 2 minutes." I replied. I quickly finished up, wiped myself and pulled my clothes on. I opened the door and found Zayn at my dressing table. Oh  no. He would have seen the thousands of bracelets I had!

                 Zayn turned around and saw me looking at him. He just laughed and pointed at all the bracelets I had. It was true. I had thousands of bracelets. I just love them. I just sent him a look and left the room. When I went to the kitchen, I saw Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry sitting at the table and eating pancakes. I grabbed a pancake and tried it. It was delicious. "Who made these?" I asked in mock disgust. Everybody immediately pointed at Harry. I smiled and said, "These are delicious." "Thanks," he replied. Just then Zayn came into the kitchen with only a pair of shorts. He grabbed a pancake and came to sit next to me. I shifted and made some space for him. Then I remembered what I wanted to tell them. " Hey guys, why don't you'll try for X Factor." Everybody looked at me as though I was crazy. Then Zayn spoke,"But what good is it going to do for us?" "Well, the world will know they have 5 beautiful singers and that they will become very famous one day." I said, smiling warmly. After much talking, I convinced them to audition for X Factor.

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