Never Leave You

Divya Ray is a normal girl who lives with her best friend, Alex. Her parents died when she was 4. On the first day of her college, she bumps into Zayn Malik, who changes her life forever...


5. What colour?


Divya’s P.O.V


            When I opened my room, I saw Zayn’s mouth open wide. I felt so bad, as everything was in a mess. He got into the room and started putting my clothes away in the cupboard. I ran and helped him. After we had put everything away, I turned to the paint cans. “So what colour do you want?” he asked. “Blue!” I replied immediately. Just as I was opening the paint can, Zayn came and stood behind me, his breath travelling down my neck, causing goose bumps to erupt everywhere. “Give it to me love” he said. I passed him the paint can. It opened with a small ‘pop’ and we each took a paint brush and started painting the walls. Halfway through, Zayn beckoned me closer. Just as I got closer, he took his paint brush and brushed my face, leaving a smear of blue paint on my face. I was furious. I took my brush which was bigger and brushed his cheeks and smiled. Then, when he tried to do me back, I started running around the room. However, Zayn did not see the box of books, so he tripped and fell on me, causing me to fall with him. When we fell, Zayn was on top of me, so I couldn’t move. I realised that Zayn’s face was only centimetres away. Zayn suddenly realised he was supposed to get up, so he got off me. “Sorry” he mumbled. “Didn’t mind” I blurted out, then I started turning red. Zayn looked up and he too blushed. “You blush a lot” Zayn said. “You too” I replied. After we had finished, we returned to the living room. Louis screamed. “What took you so long?!! Have you been doing anything else?” he added, suspiciously. “NO!” Zayn and I shouted at the same time. Then I saw something cross Harry’s face. But it couldn’t be.

It was jealousy…

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