Never Leave You

Divya Ray is a normal girl who lives with her best friend, Alex. Her parents died when she was 4. On the first day of her college, she bumps into Zayn Malik, who changes her life forever...


7. Truth or Dare


Harry’s P.O.V


            I felt my heart breaking into pieces when she pointed at Zayn. I knew she was the one when I first laid my eyes on her. I want her to be mine.


Divya’s POV



            Suddenly, the room went very quite and I felt myself blushing furiously. I just admitted it. I can’t believe I actually did that. I was not sure what everybody was going to say. I looked up slowly and saw everybody grinning at me, except Harry, and Zayn blushing. I felt the heat rush into my cheeks. I didn’t even notice that Harry was not happy. Then, Niall decided to break the silence. “I’m starving!! Can we get pizza?” Glad that he broke the silence, I got up and walked shakily towards the phone. I ordered about 6 large pizzas, knowing Niall’s appetite and waited for the pizzas in the kitchen with Al while the boys were in the living room. “You really like him, don’t you?” she asked. I nodded. “Well, he seems nice to me. Good choice too.” “Thanks” I grinned. I peeked out of the kitchen. I saw everybody looking at Zayn and he was rubbing his neck. “Go on mate, tell her you like her too!” Liam urged. Zayn just shrugged. Then the doorbell rang. I walked over and paid the pizza delivery man. Then I struggled under the weight of the pizza. Harry came up to me and took the pizzas from me. “Let me help you love” he said. “Thanks” I panted. Everybody went to the kitchen, leaving me and Zayn alone. We just exchanged small smiles and joined everyone at the kitchen. When I had settled down, I realised everybody was looking at me. I felt myself turn red. Why, oh why do I always turn red? “Can we talk about something else?” I asked. “Oh yes.” Louis said smirking, and whispered something into Harry’s ear. They both started laughing. I looked around and saw everybody laughing at me, except Zayn. He reached out and wiped something away from my cheek. Oh shit. I just embarrassed myself even further. I had a burning question to ask Liam, so I just asked him. “Liam, if I had chosen Dare, what would it have been?” He just smiled and said, “If you had chosen Dare, I would have asked you to kiss Zayn.” I thanked the gods for making me choose Truth. Zayn shot a look of disgust at Liam. Liam just shrugged his shoulder and returned to his conversation with Niall. After we had eaten, I told everybody. “So now we have to sort out who’s sleeping where.” Louis, Liam and Niall volunteered to sleep in the hall. Left were Zayn and Harry. Louis moved to the side, making space for one more person to share his bed with him. “Harry! Come on here. There’s space for both of us.” So left was Zayn. And the only place left was my room. I cleared my throat and said, “Zayn, you can share my room.” Zayn just shrugged and followed me to my room. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Louis giving thumbs up to Zayn. I just started blushing, AGAIN!

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