Never Leave You

Divya Ray is a normal girl who lives with her best friend, Alex. Her parents died when she was 4. On the first day of her college, she bumps into Zayn Malik, who changes her life forever...


9. The Lie


Divya’s P.O.V


                        Zayn had fallen asleep immediately. I was probably the happiest person. My boyfriend was Zayn. I was feeling restless because of the kiss. I just got up and turned on my laptop. I went onto twitter. Then I watched a few videos. When I woke up the next morning, I saw Zayn still sleeping. I woke him up, but he just groaned and slept on. I knew perfectly what to do. I went to the kitchen, took my biggest jug and filled it with ice and water and crept back to my room. I closed the door and emptied the whole jug on Zayn. He screamed and looked at me. I just ran into the hall. I saw Lou already awake. Just then, I felt a chill run down my spine. I turned and saw Zayn standing behind me. But the chill was not because of Zayn. It was because he had thrown a few ice cubes into my shirt. I hit him playfully on the arm and went to the kitchen. “Morning Div!” chirped Louis. “Morning Lou!” I chirped back. “You seem really happy!” he said. I just shrugged my shoulder. He went to Zayn and whispered something into his ears. Zayn nodded and Lou grinned at me. “So is Zayn your boyfriend now?” “Maybe” I reply. “Yay!” he said. Then Liam, Niall and Harry came into the kitchen. “Guys! Zayn’s got himself a girlfriend at last!”  Louis announced. Everyone looked at me. I just casually waved at them. “YAY!” Niall and Liam cheered. Harry just kept quiet. Then I saw a note from Alex.


“Hey Div. I will only be home after midnight. I left your credit card in your wallet. Spend your money wisely. You can go out with the boys if you like. Take care sweetie.”


I told the guys the plan. “Let’s go to the beach!” I said. They all agreed. I was sure the day was going to be perfect. We packed our things and were leaving when I sensed a problem. “How are we going to get there?” I asked. “Using Zayn’s car of course!” Louis laughed. “I thought it was broken down?” I asked. “Well, actually, we lied to you so that we could stay with you…” Zayn said, winking. I shook my head with disbelief. These boys were really crazy. And so we were off to the beach…

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