Never Leave You

Divya Ray is a normal girl who lives with her best friend, Alex. Her parents died when she was 4. On the first day of her college, she bumps into Zayn Malik, who changes her life forever...


4. Alex, The Boys and Me


Divya’s P.O.V


            When I woke up, I found myself on my couch and woke up to see 5 faces smiling at me. “How did I get here?” I asked, stifling a yawn. “Well, you fell asleep in the car, and we had reached your house. So Zayn carried you into the house.” Said Niall. “Ok.” Then I realised something. “Zayn carried me??!!!” Liam nodded and Zayn started turning red. I felt myself blushing. Zayn carried me. I hope I was not heavy for him. “No you were not.” Said Zayn. “Did I say that aloud?” I asked, embarrassed. “Well, actually you did.” Harry said. Oh crap. Then I saw Al walking in with a tray of drinks. “Hey sweetie! How was college?” she asked. “It was great, Mum.” I smirked, emphasising on the ‘Mum’. The boys started laughing and Al started to blush. “Umm… Ya… ok…” She said and walked into the kitchen. I saw the clock and it read 5.00p.m. “Guys, don’t you’ll have to go home?” I asked. “Well, actually we have to, but since Zayn’s car broke down, we wanted to ask if we could stay here for the night, since the 2 month holiday has started.” Yes!!!! It was going to be great with the boys. “Sure!” I replied, enthusiasm clearly shown on my face. Then I remembered. I hadn’t cleared my room since Gaby and I just moved in. “Hey guys. I just moved in, so my room’s still in a mess. Do you wanna help me?” “NO!” Shouted Louis, Niall, Liam and Harry, whose eyes were glued to the TV. “Zayn?” I asked hopefully. “Sure love.” Zayn said smiling. “Good luck Zayn!” Louis commented. “Shut up Lou.” Zayn said. I was happy it was dark on the landing upstairs because I was blushing furiously after I had heard what Louis had said.


Zayn’s P.O.V


            Soon, we reached Div’s house. She was still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake her up. Then I saw Harry getting down and going towards Div. I had to act fast. So I scooped Div in bridal style and carried her into the house. She smelt so good. When we stepped inside, Alex was waiting for her. We explained everything. Then Alex left to get us drinks. Just then Louis said. “Zayn, she’s not going to run from you. You can put her down.” Just then I realised I was still holding Divya in my arms. Just as I laid her down, her eyes fluttered open, revealing her big, brown and not to mention beautiful eyes. The first thing she asked was how she got there. Then Niall explained everything. Thanks Niall, I thought. I didn’t want to explain anything. Then she got really nervous and repeated the part where I carried her inside. I started turning red. Then I heard her talking about whether she was heavy or something like that. So I blurted out that she was not heavy. Then she started blushing. I love it when she blushes. She looked so cute. Then, Gaby came in with a tray of drinks. When Louis, Harry, Niall and Liam were watching TV, Divya came and asked if we could help her tidy up her room. The other 4 said no immediately. Then Div looked at me hopefully. I obviously said yes and we both went up to her room. “Good luck Zayn!” Louis said. I asked him to shut up and walked up with Divya.

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