call me mabey

Elena is a normal 18 yr old girl but what happens when she meets one direction will sparks fly or will it be a disaster but she also has a secret she is a vampire


2. Love at first bite (Elena's POV)

First up we have music class Mrs Tee Told us to take out our books , the next thing I know 5 really hot boys walk in they looked delicious I found one rally tasty looking he had brown hair styled up it sort of looked like a ramp I caught him staring at me but Mrs Tees napped me out of My Daydream"Ms Peaser Would You like to introduce evryone" "Of course" I said " hi I'm Elena and there is Bonnie, Mike Sarah, Danni, Steven and stepen" Sarah nearly fainted I dont know why they must be famous.

After school me and bonnie were about to walk out of school when the ramp haired dude came up to me so Bonnie gave Me a look and walked away."hey I'm Zayne whats your name?' He said"oh I'm Elena It's NIce to meet you Zayne" I mumbled " so do you know my band ?" "uh no why wait your band is one direction right?" "Yeah do you like our songs?" "Ughh.... Well at the time have to go sorry" "well I'm staying at this hotel for a week so if you wanna hang ou here's my number"he handed me a peice of paper and we siad our goodbyes,gosh i was hungry You would not belive what i did next I ran after him and sunk My fangs into his neck.

Sorry for the boring chapters this is my first book  :)




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