call me mabey

Elena is a normal 18 yr old girl but what happens when she meets one direction will sparks fly or will it be a disaster but she also has a secret she is a vampire


3. getting to know you(zayns pov)

I woke up to see a beautiful girl with long dark brown hair and lovely chocolate eyes I relized it was elena the girl of my dreams.I noticed that she was crying she had blood all over her mouth was coverd in blood "YOUR ALIVE THANK GOD!!!!: she gasped my neck was killing me "what happend ?" I sat up and i guessed i was in her room it was plane but nice it had dark blue walls and some posters. I was laying on her bed and i looked in the mirror "I'M SO SORRY I WAS JUST SO HUNGRY AND I COULD'NT STOP MYSELF" She cryed." hey it's alright but not to be rude or anything BUT WHAT ARE YOU!" i yelled " I I I am a vampire" those words shocked me but besides the point she was a vampire I was falling for her we spent the whole evening getting to know each other.

When i got back I heard Niall scream "HE'S ALIVE EVERYBODY ZAYNE I'V MISSED YOU" he made me laugh so i spent the whole night explaining about what happend.


Sorry guys this will get good soon dont worry

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