3. ?

Haylee: Megan what are you staring at ' we were sitting in th audience'
Megan: umm at nothing hahaha
Maggie: ohhh my goodness that's him the guy I saw today
Clarissa: here we go again. Can you stop talking about him
Emely: HEy what's your name' talks to guy next to her
Harry: my nAme is Harry what's yours
Emely: Emely, did you go already
Harry: yeAh. I was nervous cant believe I made it did you make it in
Emely: yeah I did.
Clarissa: Em looks like that guy that yelled at you made it in
Emely: what he did?!?!?
Harry: what happend?
Emely: I was walking backwards, not the smartest thing to do in a filled up place, and I bumped into him and I fell and he yelled at me and called me a freak.
Megan: emely look its Liam *points toward stage* he's about to sing the other guy made it In
'we watches him perform'
Emely wow that was great don't you think harry
Harry: that was good
Everyone- WOO!!! Go Liam!!
* we than walk backstage to congratulate him*
Megan- u did a great job Liam!
Maggie- ur voice is amazing!
Liam- thanks!!

Then we went back in the audience. There was a guy with black hair up next.
Clarissa: wow��
Haylee: what?
Clarissa: he is soo cute!
Emely: yeah
*than he sang his song*
I saw clarissas mouth drop open he than got three yeses
Clarissa: guys, I'll be back
*she than goes backstage*
Clarissa: hey..Zayn right?
Zayn: yeah ur clarissa right?
Clarissa: yeah u did an awesome job!!
Zayn: thanks! U did too!
Clarissa:*blushes* thanks!☺

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