1. Waiting

Baylee: goodness how much longer we've been waiting in line for 3 hours
Emely: shut up you said that 100 times
Clarissa: if you ask one more time I'm out
Kaylee: stop being nervous
Maggie: look a bird 'points a flying bird'
Megan:we are almost at the front
Maggie: guys we got this. Emely and Megan remember let your voices be heard but I the background but for your solos go all out you 2 our are secret weapon.
Megan: got it
Emely: what are talking about again?
Clarissa: em you got to pay attention more
Kylee: Hahahahaha she has an attention span of that dog from the movie UP.
Emely: shut up lee. I got this.
Haylee: goodness we are up next we don't have a name yet
Megan: how about forevermore
Haylee: I like it kylee go tell the person the group name.
Kaylee: kk
Clarissa: emely stop waking backwards your going to bump into someone
Emely: no I won't( bumps into someone and falls)
Guy: watch were your going freak.
Em: I'm soooo sorry I didnt mean too (gets up)
Maggie: you don't have to be mean to her and she is not a freak
Megan: mister go away.
Haylee: em don't pay attention to them.

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