6. ch.6


Kylee and emely- WHAT Cd- yep better pack your x-factor stuff your coming home today Emely: no I'm not Maggie call your dad he's a lawyer right Maggie: I'm already at It Then clarissa woke up and screamed at the sight of her dad and he hit her which made her knock out again and one nurse toll her away. Louis- well I am not going to stand here and watch you hit my friends  Cd- what are you going to do about it  Then Louis knocked him out cold   Louis: well that's what I'm going to do Liam: what happend Louis: you missed a lot we could of needed you but you went on a date with Megan   Liam: ohhh and louis it wasn't a date she was hungry and asked me to go with her to the cafeteria Emely: can I finally get to the front desk. Liam well tell you our story later Kylee: I know where they are Emely: I know but we need visitor passes 10minutes later Emely: kylee and everyone else go to my dads room I'm going to see the babies Harry: I'll go with you They walk away Niall gave them both a look and emely signaled him to come with them  Megan: this day has been the worst in history Haylee: yeah I thought it was when my dog died but this is just worst Maggie what did your dad say Maggie: he's on his way and he's bringing police with him Louis: that's good. Niall 'turns around looking for him' were did Niall go  Haylee: I think he went with them   They enter the room   With niall emely and harry Emely: wow there so beautiful ' tears are going down her face' Harry: dont cry 'hugs her' Nurse: aww you two are so cute. Emely: ummm... Thank you Nurse: are these your babies Emely ohh no there my little siblings Niall: can I hold one of them Nurse: sure  Hands him the girl. She has black hair and beautiful grey eyes Niall: wow so cute. Can we take a pic together I want to remember this moment   Emely and Harry: sure Niall hands emely the girl Niall: let me get the boy The baby boy has sandy brown hair and grey eyes  Harry: ready I like you Emely: what??? 'takes picture' Harry- I like you Emily- wow that was unexpected  Niall- since we are on that page guys I like haylee but I don't know how to tell her Harry- just get her alone and ask her Emely gave Harry a weird look Emely- I will ask her girl to girl. Niall- thank you so much Emely: but I think she likes you back  Back at the room Louis: what's taking them so long Maggie: em texted me that there on there way here Maggies dad: ok so these papers are fake you can tell here he doesn't have custody of anybody and lucky for us  we cought him he excaped from jail Liam: ohhh  goodness Megan: so I went to check on Zayn he's fine just shaken up an he's with clarissa   Liam- has she woken up yet  Megan- no she took a really bad hit to the head and may not be awake till tomorrow The next day  Zayn - when I woke up the next morning clarissa was still sleeping and I could not take it any more I kissed her lips then I felt her kissing back my eyes shot open she was awake Clarissa I woke to Some one kissing me I open my eyes  and it quad zayn I kissed back cause I had the biggest crush on him.  He looked at me in shock and he said your awake  Then he screamed YES!! It was so loud doctors came in to check on me   Louis- hey Maggie  Maggie- yeah Lou  Louis- can I speak to you alone please Maggie- sure  Outside the room Maggie- what do you want Louis  Louis- I want to tell you something  Maggie-  what is it Louis- I like you more than freind like Maggie- I feel the same way Lou Louis- really Maggie- yeah since the day we met There we here emely,Harry,and Niall go aww at the same time and Louis gives them the death stare   Emely: finally it happend. Niall: Hahahah is haylee in there Maggie: yeah she's there Emely: how my dad Kylee: he's doing fine he woke up  go talk to him Emely: ok by Maggie Louis treat her well 'walks in hands Harry the baby girl nialls still carrying the boy'  Haylee niall wants to talk to you. Give me the baby Niall 'hands baby over'   Outside Haylee- what is it Niall  Niall- haylee I like you more than freind like Haylee- OMC Niall-  so will you go out with me? Haylee- of coarse you have no idea how long I have wanted to ask that   Niall-  YES Then you hear every laughing there buts off and Niall and haylee were blushing like idiots Emely- I take it she said yes Niall- yes Louis- took long enough Niall- you knew that I Liked her  Megan- every one did it was that noticeable  Niall- well I am not very good at hiding my feelings are I? All- NOPE
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