4. ch.4

Maggie: it's almost been a week and I havent seen Any cute guys no affence Harry but I see you have your eyes on someone
Harry: Hahaha 'blushes'
Haylee: that boy over there is so cute
Clarissa: who?
Haylee: the one with the cute red cheaks, blonde hair blue eyes
Clarissa: yeah hes not cute 'haylee hits her' let me finish goodness. What I was going to say was he's not cute but adorable
Haylee: ohhh sorry for hitting you.
Maggie: hahaha
Haylee: stop laughing maggie
Kat: emely your phone was ringing on the room so i brought it for you
Emely: thank you Kat your the best. Hey look it was kylee 'dials her number'
Emely: hello? What's wrong
Kylee: talk to me I spanish
Emely: ummm ok
Kylee: ok umm.. I don't know how to tell you this ' starts crying'
Emely: que pasa
Haylee: does anybody know Spanish
Niall: I do I'm Niall by the way. And she asked what's wrong
'kylee on the phone: Dad got into a car accident and is in coma... And .... And  mom was in the accident  to and ddnt make it and she was 8 months pregnant she didn't know.
Emely: no no no no ' falls to knees' no lo puedo... No por favor no ' starts crying '
Niall: she said no I can't Belive this please no
Emely: como esta el baby
Niall: how's the baby
Maggie: em whats wrong 'hugs her'
Louis: what's wrong with Emely I'm Louis by the way
Maggie: I don't know she's talking in Spanish niall what's she saying 'blushes'
Emely: Claro por eso vomitaba. En la mañana.
Niall: that's why she threw up in the mornings
Maggie: how do you know Em
Louis: who doesnt know Emely hahaha
Maggie: that's true no one forgets emely
Louis: I think it's her curly hair Hahaha
Emely: como pero como se les invento ir a ESA fiesta
Niall: why o why did they think of going to that party
Liam: hey everyone Megan texted me what wrong oh and this is Zayn if you guys never met him befor
Zayn: hi everyone. Hi Clarissa
Clarissa: hi 'blushes'
Emely: ok bye
Emely: my parents went to a party and they left late and they were at a light waiting ad a drunk driver crashed into them so my dad is in coma... And my mom died... And she was pregnant
Liam: ohhhh no how far was she
Em: 8 months but the baby Is fine
Clarissa: what are you going to do we perform tomorrow and the song is about partying
Haylee: Em are you ok with performing tomorrow
Emely: yeah help me up my legs are numb 'Liam and Harry helps her up' thanks :D
Kat: I got a good song for you guys come to my room you can practice there
Megan: ok guys we'll see you all tomorrow
Clarissa: yeah bye
Maggie: bye nice meeting you Louis and Zayn and Niall. Bye Liam Harry
Niall: everything is going to be ok you need anything just ask
Harry,Louis,Liam, and Zayn: yeah!
Emely: thanks 'she leaves'
Only the guys are left
Liam: I feel bad for Em
Niall: I know she's the best
Louis: how did you guys meet her
Liam: I met her and Megan when I was called up to go sing and they were heading to the restroom
Niall: I met her when I was feeling down I miss my family a lot and she saw me an came over to me and made me feel better.shes like a sister I never had.
Harry: I was sitting next to her and she started talking to me and she stuck to me I couldn't forget about her
Louis: well I meet her like 2 hours ago she's funny. I don't know but when she was talking to me it felt like we were best friends
Zayn: I met her at the dance practice thing she's not afraid to be herself.
Niall: guys look at us talking like we've been friends forever. She brought us together lol
Louis: yeah this girl doing things without even noticing herself
Harry: guys can I tell you some thing
Liam Niall Louis Zayn: yeah
Harry I think I'm falling for her
Louis: that's good she's right for you. I'm liking Maggie I saw her once when they were in line
Liam: I like Megan. She's nice and beautiful
Niall: well if we are telling who we like I like haylee
Zayn: goodness hahah we all like the girls from Forevermore I like Clarissa

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