Stranded (Onedirection Fanfic.)

“I’m going to miss you baby girl!” My mom wept while she clung on to me like her life depended on it. Hugging her back, I forced the tears away from my eyes; no I’m not going to show my weakness.
“It’s ok mom! I’m just getting on a plane to go over to London to study, don’t worry. Please, for your babygirl?” I asked her while releasing her quickly. She gave me a sad small smile. Her usual bright blue eyes where bloodshot and red from the tears rushing out of her eyes.
“Ok darling. For you, but nobody else!” With that she gripped me into another death hug. Laughing lightly I poked her head.
“Mom, I have to go now, the plane is going to leave without me...” I told her slowly. She let out another sob and let go of me.
“Ok dear, I’m going to miss you I mean a whole 2 months?” I laughed at how scared she sounded.
“Don’t worry; I’ll be with my friends always with them, no matter what!” She laughed and lightly punched my shoulder.
“Go on now; don’t want to miss your plane.” Giving


1. Where going down!


Chapter One: We're going down!

Looking around the small plane I was taking to England, I finally found my seat. Nothing too special really, just crammed seats next to somebody I don’t even know. I mean, I'm not complaining about who I'm sitting next to. From what wasn't covered by sunglasses and a hoodie, he was pretty cute. He had tousled soft brown hair, with tannish skin, and through his tee, you could obviously see his muscles. I made my way over to him down the small aisle. I shoved my luggage above my seat and plopped down. I heard a rustle of papers. Glancing to my right, I saw him glancing at me. He put down the newspaper he was reading. 
“Do I have something on my face?” I asked, horrified. What a lovely first impression, Skylar! I thought sourly to myself, feeling my face get hot. 
A smirk appeared on his face. He pulled his expensive looking sunglasses off his face and pulled his hood down. His deep brown eyes twinkled with mischief. 
“No love, just thinking,” he replied. British accent, nice job! I wonder if Max has the same luck I do? 
Nodding, I leaned back and instantly groaned. “Why do these seats have to be so uncomfortable?” I complained to myself. The guy chuckled. 
“Well, they obviously want us to suffer!” he joked, making it sound sincerely dramatic. I burst out into a fit of giggles. 
“Well, no wonder!” I shot back. 
“Liam,” he greeted. He stuck out a hand. Grabbing it quickly, I shook his hand. His hand was rather large compared to my petite one, but it seemed to work. 
“Skylar,” I replied. Giving me another smile, he took his hand back. I instantly missed the warmth of his hand. Inwardly pouting, I saw him return to reading the newspaper. Leaning over a bit, I poked his head. He slowly turned his head towards me. 
“Yes?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow and putting the hood over his head again. I smirked.
“Watcha readin’?” I asked, pointing at his newspaper. 
“An article,” he drawled out. I slumped back in my seat. 
“But that’s soooo boring!” I whined to him whilst throwing my arms in the air. He laughed at my antics. 
“Ok, let’s get to know each other then,” he suggested, closing the paper and tucking it between the seat and the window. Doing a little clap, I twisted in my seat and pulled against the belt, crisscrossing my legs and facing him fully. 
“Ok um, full name!” I demanded in a playful manner. 
“Liam James Payne.” 
Furrowing my eyebrows together, I began to think. Why does that name seem so familiar? “Ok, what's your full name?” he asked me, forcing me back into reality. 
“Skylar Annabelle Ashton,” I replied, frowning slightly at my name. 
“Aw, why are you frowning?” he asked with a sad smile. 
“I hate absolutely hate my name,” I huffed. He took my hands and made me look in his eyes. 
“I think it’s a beautiful name," he complimented. I blushed.
"No it's not," I replied, turning my head and sighing, turning away. He shrugged. We were now in the air and I could get up. My first thought? MAXELINE!
I got up.
"Where are you going?" he asked. I turned and found him almost puppy dog pouting.
"To see one of my friends," I replied. He frowned.
"Can I come with you?" he questioned. I shook my head.
I replied, "Sorry, Liam. Not right now."
I got up and looked at the faces of some fellow students. Most of them hated Max and I. I have no idea why though. Finally, I spotted her lecturing some stewardess on how to push a cart on a moving plane because apparently she spilled juice on someone near her.
"Max!" I hissed. Her hazel eyes found mine and she smiled. Walking up to me, she held her hand up for a high five. Confused, I gave her a high five. She turned and stuck her tongue out at someone. I glanced over to find a guy with tons of curly dark brown hair under a black "SNL" hat and Ray Bans sunglasses on.
"Hey, Skylar! Vas happening?" she asked with a laugh. I smiled and noticed a guy with blonde hair give us a weird look from his seat. Max scowled at him and turned her attention to me.
"Don't scowl! It gives you wrinkles!" I scolded. She groaned and smiled really cheesily.
"This better?" she joked. I held back a laugh and nodded.
"Not too plastic, I love your fake smiles!" I replied sarcastically. She leaned against a seat and ignored the glares from one of the preppy girls from our school.
"So who's the hoodie hottie?" she whispered in my ear. I blushed.
"Liam," I replied. She smiled. "Who's the curly cutie?" I asked. She burst out laughing. Curly grinned at her. "I think he likes you," I whispered. Now it was her turn to blush.
"His name is Harry," she replied. I crinkled my nose. Liam and Harry on the same plane? Come on now, there has to be something to tell me I'm not just crazy! Who are they?
"And I think Liam is into you. He just blushed and looked away when I gave him a weird look," she told me. I frowned.
"No, he's probably into you," I responded. She laughed.
"Yes, that's why he's staring at the back of your head like it's forbidden fruit," she teased. I rose an eyebrow.
"He... he is?" I inquired.
"I think you should go and talk to him about it. Tell him I said 'Hi', by the way," Max suggested with a wink, walking back to her seat next to Curly.
I turned and sat back down next to Liam.
"Welcome back," he teased. I smirked.
"My friend says 'Hi'," I told him. He laughed.
He replied, "She seems lovely." I rose an eyebrow.
"Really? You like her or something?" I inquired.
"No!" he protested.
"Anyone on this plane catch your eye?" I teased.
He mumbled, "Maybe one." I rose an eyebrow.
"So why are you going to England?" I asked him. His head perked up a bit.
"I thought it would be nice to get back home and visit my parents," he replied. "How about you?"
"School trip with my class. We're staying for two months. You?" I asked.
"I can only stay two weeks. Hopefully we can meet up sometime and chat," he suggested.
"How can I trust you?" I asked.
"I don't know, but I'm totally a terrorist," he joked. I cracked up.
We talked lightly for a few minutes. I noticed Max get up and walk over to us.
"So what have you been talking about for the past three hours?" she asked teasingly. I flushed and my jaw dropped. Three hours?!
"Whatever we talked about," he replied with a shrug.
"Okay," she responded. She then smiled and stuck her hand out past me. "Hi, I'm Max," she introduced. Liam smiled and shook her hand.
"I'm Liam," he replied.
"Cough, cough, Maxeline!" I exclaimed. She glared at me and tugged on my hair. I cried out in pain and she crossed her arms. Then, she turned to Liam.
"Just Max," she told him with a cold smile. He nodded and she returned to her seat. A panicked voice came over the intercom.
"Ladies and gentlemen fasten your seatbelts and return to your seats. The plane is under turbulence," the stewardess stammered. Liam and I exchanged worried glances, but followed orders.
The plane began to shake violently and some people started screaming. There was a loud booming noise and the plane began to plummet. My stomach flipped and I grimaced.
"We are crashing!" the woman shrieked. Liam looked out the window and his face fell. I closed my eyes and felt two strong arms surround me before everything went black.



hey everybody! Please don't steal this is a copyrighted story! Plus if i can come up with a plot idea so can you love you guys!

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