Stranded (Onedirection Fanfic.)

“I’m going to miss you baby girl!” My mom wept while she clung on to me like her life depended on it. Hugging her back, I forced the tears away from my eyes; no I’m not going to show my weakness.
“It’s ok mom! I’m just getting on a plane to go over to London to study, don’t worry. Please, for your babygirl?” I asked her while releasing her quickly. She gave me a sad small smile. Her usual bright blue eyes where bloodshot and red from the tears rushing out of her eyes.
“Ok darling. For you, but nobody else!” With that she gripped me into another death hug. Laughing lightly I poked her head.
“Mom, I have to go now, the plane is going to leave without me...” I told her slowly. She let out another sob and let go of me.
“Ok dear, I’m going to miss you I mean a whole 2 months?” I laughed at how scared she sounded.
“Don’t worry; I’ll be with my friends always with them, no matter what!” She laughed and lightly punched my shoulder.
“Go on now; don’t want to miss your plane.” Giving


4. Can we pretend that airplanes in the nightsky...


Chapter 4 Can we pretend that airplanes are in the night sky

          I was jolt awoke at the break of dawn; the sun was just coming up. Sweat was covering my body. I looked up to see Liam, still asleep. Getting out of the grip of his arms I stood up and stretched. Scratching my arm I walked over to the bathroom. Seriously no shower? Oh yeah, were in a plane! I smacked my forehead. Shutting the door behind me I turned on the sink. Well at least it still had running water. Quickly getting my hair wet, and getting the sweat off of my face, I wrung out my hair. Shaking it out I walked out. Going over to my suitcase I reached up yanking it down, quietly. Dragging it back to the bathroom I looked for a pair of clothes. Shorts, a tank top that had Je t’aime scrawled across it. I grabbed my gladiators and laid it out. At least we have outfits. Shrugging I looked at myself in the mirror. Quickly I put on the new clothes, and put deodorant on. Brushing out my hair which was still wet, I grabbed my gel and scrunched it up. Brushing my teeth I put everything back into the suitcase and stepped out. Everybody was still asleep. Walking down the aisle I put the suitcase back up and looked down at Liam. Brushing his hair away from his forehead, I gently pressed my lips to his forehead. He smiled softly and turned a bit in his sleep. Smiling I walked outside. Taking in the cool air which was going to start to rise I leaned against the plane and began to go through a plan in my head. I was drawn back to reality when I heard someone’s voice.

          “Hey, mind if I join you?” Looking to my right I saw Louis standing there. The morning-ness in his voice made his voice a bit deeper. His hair was tousled a bit also. Shrugging my shoulders, he took that as and Ok and came next to me.

          “So what do you think of this whole situation?” I questioned him. He took a deep breath, and sighed.

          “Well, all in all it sucks. I mean, we crashed in the middle of nowhere, but other than that I got to meet new people.” He gave me a smile. Smiling back I nodded.

          “Yeah, honestly I didn’t want to study for a whole 2 months!” He laughed. When our laughing subsided he looked at me.

          “so tell me about that guy. I heard his name was Nick.” Nodding I began to tell him how creepy he was and what he had done. He looked deep in thought when he looked at me. “If he tries anything else, tell me. You’re like a little sister to me. I’ll kick his ass if I have to.” He looked serious, and sounded serious. Giving him a nod.

          “So Louis tell me how’s Eleanor?” He instantly lit up, a smile on his face. His eyes looked as if he were in love.

          “She’s wonderful, I love her. Really, I do love her.” Laughing I hugged him.

          “That’s great!” I released him and walked back into the plane. Walking over to where Liam was I sat down next to him. “Hey li, wake up.” He mumbled something. Laughing lightly I leaned over him. “Babe, wake up.” I told him softly so only he could hear me. He slowly blinked his eyes.

          “Sky?” He looked at me puzzled for a second. Nodding he smiled at me.

          “It’s time to wake up.” With that I gave him a quick peck but was stopped when he tried to deepen it. Smiling against his lips I mumbled. “Babe, morning breath.” He let go and let out a deep dramatic sigh.

          “Fine ill brush them.” He stood up and stretched. I snaked my arms around his neck, while he placed his on my waist. Looking up I gave him a smile and kissed his cheek.

          “Good, I’ll be outside.” He grabbed me before I could let go and kissed my head.

          “Ok, see you soon then?” Laughing I broke away from him and wandered outside to see Louis sitting in the sand and drawing in it. Walking over to him I crouched down.

          “Hey Lou, watcha’ doing’?” He looked up and pointed at the sand. He was writing..Sos? “We are going to need that much bigger.” Shrugging his shoulders I stood up. Just in time for Liam to hug me from behind.

          “Hey love.” He whispered into my ear. Smirking I twisted around so I was facing him.

          “Hey.” I smirked at him. Slowly I reached up placing my arms around his neck. He shut his eyes. Hiding my laugh I let go and walked away to the plane. I looked behind my shoulder to see Liam standing there stunned. Laughing I turned back around. Suddenly I was whirled around and on the ground. Craning my neck I looked behind me to see who I was on top of. Liam.

          “That’s not fair!” He whined in a playful manner. Giggling I tried to get up but he wouldn’t let me.

          “Oh dear Liam, what am I going to do with you?” I questioned him while raising an eyebrow.

          “Well, you could say that I’m the most sexiest guy on the planet.”

          Gasping at him I threw back my response, “over my dead body, Payne.” Just then I was flipped around to see Liam holding both of my arms above my held and he had my legs trapped. “What are you-.” I was broke off as he began to tickle me. Laughing I tried to get him to stop.

          “Tell me that I’m the sexist man alive!” He grinned at me.

          “It will make your ego to big!”

          “Just say it!”

          “F-fine! Liam James Payne i-is the sexist p-person alive!” Just like that he was off of me and pulling me to my feet.

          “Now, was that so hard?” I glared at him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

          “Yes it was.” Turning I walked the rest of the length to the plane.

          “Hurtful!” Laughing I stepped in to see Max staring at harry intently. No way.

Walking over I grabbed max by the arm despite her protests. Pulling her to the back of the plane I put her in front of me.

          “No way! You like harry don’t you?”  I asked her. I was practically jumping up and down. She looked away and blushed.

          “If I say yes can I leave?” Nodding excitedly she sighed and threw her arms up.

          “Yes.” She turned to leave. Grabbing her shoulder I put her in the bathroom.

          “Nope I lied I’m giving you a-.” she cut me off.

          “Don’t!” She warned.



          “A Makeover!” I squealed a bit and jumped up and down. She glanced at the door behind me. She wouldn’t She shoved me aside and bolted out the door. Cracking my knuckles I followed after her.

          “You won’t do it, you crazy woman!” She yelled behind her jumped above peoples legs sprawled across the aisle.

          “But I yell Hun!” I shouted back. Sprinting even faster she ran outside.

          “Let go of me!” Running outside I saw Liam holding her. He looked up at me and gave me a smile.

          “Do you need her.” Grinning at him I rubbed my hands together and nodded.

          “Yes li, I do actually care to put her in the bathroom while I find some tape or rope?” I asked him. Nodding he carried her away as if she weighed nothing.

          “Let go! You well regret this! Liam James Payne you have five seconds to let go!” She was put in the bathroom while Liam leaned against the door. Grabbing some rope I walked over to the bathroom.

          “Thanks hun.” He grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him.

          “You’re welcome love.” He gave me a kiss on the lips and quickly left. Smiling I opened the door and shoved max on the toilet. I tied it to her before she could get up.

          “Chill Max, I’m just going to put some mascara on you and stuff.” She looked at me and gave a small nod. Smiling I quickly did her makeup. Releasing her she ran out the door. Stepping out I walked out of the plane. Everybody was making the most of it, talking or planning. One thought popped into my mind. Where’s Liam? Walking around to the other side, I saw him with amber. Curiosity got to me, as I eavesdropped on their conversation. 

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