Before and After FINISHED

Courtney and Harry date before the X-Factor but has to break up after the audtion because she has to move back to Oklahoma but later in the future She moves back with her mother, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. Courtney meets up with Harry. Was this faith? Read to find out! Hope you like!


10. my sister's Wedding :)

My birthday was 2 days ago. Everybody on twitter wrote me a happy birthday. I followed everybody who did. Today is my sister's wedding. Me and Harry have been dating for about 5-6 months and we are stronger than ever. I was picked to be the Maid of Honor by my sister and Harry was picked as Best Man from David. We are going to be the first ones to walk down the aisle and go onto the stage.
"Is Harry coming over here to come with us!" My mom asked.

"Yes mom. He is coming any second now." I answered. We heard a knock on the door. It was Harry. My dad said hello to Harry. My dad has always liked him. He never talks bad about him or nothing.
"Wow Courtney! You are beautiful! But you are beautiful everyday!" Harry complimented. We kissed on the lips and walked out the door. My dad didn't even scald us for kissing. that's weird. Usually dads do that.
Mom was driving, Dad was in the passenger side, and me and Harry were in the backseat in our formal clothes. Harry sat in the middle of the seat while I sat on the right side behind dad. Harry and I were holding hands and talking quietly while mom and dad were talking.
We got to the church.
"Omg Courtney! You are beautiful!" Mary commented.
"Me? what about you!? You are stunning! David is so lucky to have you!" I said to Mary.

We walked out onto the aisle way and everybody had smiles on and I heard somebody say "Harry and Courtney are so perfect together." And I think Harry heard it to because when I looked at him he was smiling. We were holding hands. When we got separated, we kissed. Then I went to the left side and he went to the right. The boys of one direction were all on one side and Me and some other girls were behind me.
The beautiful bride and groom came down.
"You may kiss the bride!" The preacher says. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I now introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Harrison!" Everybody clapped. I looked at Harry and he winked at me. So I smiled. We came back into each others arms and walked out.
At the wedding party after, Me and Harry walked outside and saw a lot of tables, decorations, a dance floor, and a DJ! Zayn Malik is going to be the DJ for the night!
everybody was at their tables listening to speeches.
"I would like to say a speech I am
making in my head right now." Harry announced. " This wedding was a fantastic and beautiful one. I am lucky to be here with my girlfriend, Courtney and for her to be maid of honor and for me the best man. I am glad that The boys of one direction are here with me also.I wish that I will get to marry my one true love and be with her for the rest of my life. I love you Courtney." I started to cry with joy. Everybody literally awwed and let a tear fall.
That was so beautiful.
"LETS PARTY!" Zayn yelled. The bride and groom went out to have their dance, Then with their parents, then everybody else joined in. When a slow song came on the bride and groom went to go change and come back but me and Harry went and Danielle and Liam went to slow dance.
"The speech was really beautiful, Harry." I told.
"Thanks baby. And I meant it. I want to be with tou for the rest of my life!" We kissed and I heard people aww. I loved that. We stopped talking and I laid my head on his shoulders. I saw the bride and the groom come back to slow dance with their new clothing on.
We needed a break from dancing so we went back to our table and sat down with Harry's arm around me and my head on his shoulders. I saw Mary and David having the time of their life over there dancing their butts off. I'm so proud of them. Then I saw Louis and Eleanor doing the bump with their hips and laughing. Zayn and Perrie took a break from DJ'ing and went to Sancerre with Perrie. Niall was literally on the stage dancing with a plate of cake. Danielle and Liam were on the dance floor too. Harry saw me on his shoulder smiling at everybody. he kissed my forehead. This is a precious moment.

Harry and I had enough of sitting and wanted to go party. So we went on the dance floor and joined The boys and their girlfriends and Niall with cake. We were having a blast.
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