Before and After FINISHED

Courtney and Harry date before the X-Factor but has to break up after the audtion because she has to move back to Oklahoma but later in the future She moves back with her mother, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. Courtney meets up with Harry. Was this faith? Read to find out! Hope you like!


4. London here we come...Once Again!

Courtney's P.O.V

I cannot believe I'm coming back to London! Harry and one direction did a very good show on xfactor every night. We got onto the plane and I was the one by the window. I saw a couple about my age in front of me and my sis and my mom. They were almost like me and Harry. I remember the memories. I love him still. But I keep hearing rumors about him dating people. My sister now has a boyfriend. FINALLY! His name is David. Mary and David. They have been dating for at least a year and their love is very strong. Both of them are in the senior year of college. And they even have a dorm room together. Lucky them. He is in Oklahoma. We get into the hotel and we put our bags down. We will get to our house in London tomorrow.

"Girls, can you go to the mall, And buy me some of lotions from bath and body works?" My mom asked.

"Yeah." My sister answered.  So we went to the mall while mom wanted some quite time to herself. When we got to the Mall we saw a whole bunch of people crowded in one area.

"Mary, What's going on?" I asked. She had a shocked look on her face.

"You really dont know? One Direction is having a signing in this mall right now. Your ex-boyfriend Harry is here!" Mary said happily. I was shocked. We went over to the Bath and Body Works shop to find my mother some lotions.

"Excuse me, young lady." Somebody trying to get through becasue the store was packed with people. i let her between me and my sister.

"Anne?! Is that you?" I asked. She turned around and looked towards me.

"yes it is! Courtney! How are you? I haven't seen you every since Harry's audition! Are you back because on your mother's bussiness trip?" Anne asked.

"I am good. And yeah we are going to stay here for a longer period of time than last. We might live here for now on without moving since we have no reason staying in America. All my best friends are here. My sister's boyfriend is suppost to fly over here and get an apartment with her here." I explained.

"Well, i hope you come over to my house to see Gemma and Harry. They have missed very much!" Anne suggested.

"We sure will, Anne." I commented. We waved and walked away. we went back to the hotel and found mom cooking dinner. Spagetti with breadsticks. Yummy! We ate and talked about the conversation me and my sister had with Anne. I took a shower and went to bed. Mary was outside talking to her boyfriend, David on the phone while he was on the plane.


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