Before and After FINISHED

Courtney and Harry date before the X-Factor but has to break up after the audtion because she has to move back to Oklahoma but later in the future She moves back with her mother, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. Courtney meets up with Harry. Was this faith? Read to find out! Hope you like!


29. Job searching

Harry's P.O.V

Courtney is going job searching today, today we are doing a music video, and Courtney's mother is coming over to take care of Daisy while we are gone for a couple of hours. I saw that Courtney was still sleeping so I decided to go downstairs and make breakfast. I tip-toed down so I wouldn't wake up Daisy. I went to the kitchen and made scrambled eggs and pancakes with orange juice. I put it on a tray and took it upstairs.

"Good morning, Courtney!" I greeted as I handed her the tray as she sat up on the bed.

"You did this for me?" She said happily.

"Yep. I wanted to make you this because I want you to have a good day job searching." I replied. She smiled.

"You're the one that needs to having breakfast made for! One Direction is making a music video!" She said.

"Oh! Just eat!" I said giggling. She patted the bed beside her for me to sit down. I grabbed a pancake and ate it in my fingers. yummy! An hour later, I went downstairs to take Daisy outside to give her her daily walk in the mornings while Courtney grabbed the phone to talk to her mom. I came back and Courtney was in our room getting dressed for job searching. I took Daisy off her leash and put it on the hanger where our coats and jackets are at.

  Courtney came downstairs in jeans and a shirt and was holding the tray and went to the faucet to clean.

  "You look pretty!" I complimented. Her shirt had a pink heart on it.

"Thank you! You look good too!" She said. I was already dressed for the music video. All I have to do is wait for One Direction to come and pick me up to go to the shoot. Courtney has to wait for her mother to come and then she can go.

  one Direction came up the driveway. I kissed courtney goodbye and Daisy goodbye too. One Direction came inside and greeted Daisy and Courtney then walked out the door. Music video shoot time!

Courtney's P.O.V

As I waited for my mom I turned on the TV and was petting Daisy on my lap. I heard a knock on the door. it was mom. She came inside and Daisy jumped up in her arms. I hugged both of them and went out the door to harry's ferarri car. he is letting me drive it now! :) I parked in a random parking lot in the town and went walking on the side walk.

I have been walking for about 2 hours looking for jobs. So I decided to take a break and go see One Direction at their video shoot. Their was a fence that had a sign on it that said *Closed shoot* But I had a key. I walked in. One Direction were doing LWWY. It sounds really good. They were at the scene where they are jumping up and down at the party at the end. They did a really good job!

 "This is a closed set." A new bodyguard said. All the other bodyguards knew who I was.

"Its ok. She's cool. She is Harry Styles's girlfriend." Paul said. I nodded.

"Okay. you can stay." New body guard named John said. I went back to watching them do their thing in the music video. They got to have a break for a while.

"Hey Courtney! Have you found a job yet?" Harry asked. he grabbed my hand and we went to go somewhere private.

"I'm interested in being a teacher." I said. "But I have to go to college for that." i said.

"There is a college here in London you can go to and get to be a teacher."

"Then I am going to college then!" I said. We hugged and Harry had to go. Their break was over so I decided to watch the rest of the video. I am going to be a teacher. :)

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