Before and After FINISHED

Courtney and Harry date before the X-Factor but has to break up after the audtion because she has to move back to Oklahoma but later in the future She moves back with her mother, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. Courtney meets up with Harry. Was this faith? Read to find out! Hope you like!


18. Going to the park again.

Courtney's P.O.V

"There's the park. Want to go over there?" I asked. He nodded and we ran over to the park.  Harry was in front of me and fell on purpose to trip me.

"Harry! You tripped me!" I yelled playfully.

"Yeah!" Harry commented. We laid on the grass for a while.

"Harry?" I said his name.

"Yeah, babe?" He said.

"Will we be together forever?" I asked.

"Yes we will." He said while turning over to me to kiss me.

We got up and headed to the road after being in the park for about an hour. We walked down to a restaurant and ate lunch. Today is a Saturday so no school for me. Then we walked back to the house.  I got a txt from  mom.

*hey courtney. I left for work so come back home. Harry can stay if he would like.* Mom txted. I replied with an ok. My mom txted me at 4:05 PM.

"My mom just left for work." I said. We got to my house and locked the door. My mom works for about 8 hours so she comes home at 11:00 PM.

At 9:30 PM.

"Harry, I'm going to get dressed for bed. Are you sleeping over?" I asked.

"Yeah i will since you will be alone." Harry followed me as he locked every window and door that he could fine. I went to the bathroom upstairs and took a shower. He was laying down on my bed watching tv. When I got out he was in the same position as he was when I got out.

"ok Harry. you can go now." Harry got up from my bed and went to go take a shower. His phone beeped on my bed but I don't want to see what it is. I don't want to be one of those girlfriends who are nosy enough to look through their boyfriend's cell phone.

 "Ok. I am back. Did I get a message on my phone?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. i heard it beep." He checked his phone. Then laid it back on my bed. Harry turned the lights out and we got in the covers. We continued to watch tv. I fell asleep. But then I woke up becasue I heard a beep from my phone. From twitter.

"@Prettydolphins1, How are you and Harry? You guys are one of the cutest couples out there!"  I replied, "We are doing great! And thank you! :)"

"I love you, Courtney." Harry said.

"I love you, Harry." I replied then went to sleep.



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