Before and After FINISHED

Courtney and Harry date before the X-Factor but has to break up after the audtion because she has to move back to Oklahoma but later in the future She moves back with her mother, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. Courtney meets up with Harry. Was this faith? Read to find out! Hope you like!


23. Christmas time!

Harry's P.O.V

Yay! Today is Christmas! We will be going to Courtney's mom's house today. My mom, my sister, Baby Lux,   the boys siblings, the boys moms, Mary, david, their baby Julia, and us will be there. I got Courtney something that she has been dying for FOREVER!

Courtney's P.O.V

Today  is christmas and i get to spend it with everybody that I love. I woke up from our bed with the curtains open. I got up from the bed while Harry was still sleeping and I went to the bathroom.

"Merry Christmas beauitiful!" Harry greeted me. I just got back from the bathroom.

"Merry Christmas, handsome!" I greeted Harry. I climbed on the bed towards Harry and laid down with him. We kissed on the lips.

"We have to get to my mom's house in an hour."  I reminded him.

"Oh yeah. I will get dressed in the bathroom." Harry said to me. He got up and went to our closet to get his clothes and he went to the bathroom while I was still changing by the closet. When I was still getting dressed, Harry came in thinking that I was done.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry you had to see me." I covered my body. I was just wearing a bra and underwear.

"Babe, It's ok. We are boyfriend and girlfriend. It's not like we are strangers!" Harry said giggling. I giggled too. I continued changing in jeans and a shirt and i put one of harry's hoodies on. When i got done he came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheeck. Then I heard a beep from my phone.

"Merry Christmas One Direction, Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie, and Courtney!!" Everybody on twitter said.

"Merry Christmas!" I replied to everybody. We got to the car and Harry was driving as usual and I was in the passenger seat. We got to the driveway and my mom was waiting for us outside.

"Merry Christmas Harry and Courtney!" My mom greeted.

"Merry Christmas, mom." I said. And i hugged my mom.

"merry christmas, ms. Byers." harry said to my mom.

"Harry, I think its time that you can call me Mellissa. You're family and you always have been." My mom said. What she just said to Harry made me smile. We walked into my mom's house. It was still beautiful as when I left it. We sat down and watched christmas movies before the family showed up. 

About 2 hours later we heard a knock on the door. It was Mary, David, and Julia.

"Merry Christmas!" We all said.

"Julia!" Harry yelled to Julia holding out his arms to pick her up.

"Harry is going to be an amazing father someday." Mary said poking my arm with her elbow as a hint. I laughed. Mary and David sat on the couch. Harry, Julia, and I sat down on the floor and played with julia's baby toys with her.

At 6:00 PM

Everybody was at the house playing with Julia, watching christmas movies, and playing video games, and Niall was eating. Baby Lux, Julia, and Harry was hanging out while I was in the kitchen talking to my mom.

"Dinner time!" My mom yells out. The family all gets to the kitchen and grabs a plate. Harry and I was waiting until everybosy was done then it was our turn. very good christmas dinner. There were about 2 tables in the dining room and they were all full. We got done eating and we dumped our plastic plates into the trash can. Then we went back to our chairs to chat.

    Harry's mom Anne made an apple pie for desert. It was delicious! We all put our winter stuff on and went out to play in the snow. This was the best christmas ever!

At 9:00 we gathered around the christmas tree and opened up presents. We all took turns and I was up to open. I opened up a gift from Harry. It was really big and it had little tiny holes in it. Harry wrote on the wrapping paper HANDLE WITH CAUTION!!! So I did. I unwrapped. I was completely shocked. It was a puppy! She was a husky puppy with big beautiful blue eyes.

"Oh my goodness Harry! I cannot believe you got me a puppy! I have always wanted one! Thank you! I love her so much!" I walked towards harry and gave him a big kiss and hug. I let the puppy out of her cage and let Julia and Baby Lusk play with her.

  I got Harry a wallet that has words carved on it that says "I have loved you for a thousand years" from the song Thousand Years by Christina Perri. That was our song. He has always wanted this kind of wallet. It was baby blue. He kissed and hugged me. The puppy went all over the place to get each person to pet her and everybody did. This was the best christmas ever!

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