Before and After FINISHED

Courtney and Harry date before the X-Factor but has to break up after the audtion because she has to move back to Oklahoma but later in the future She moves back with her mother, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. Courtney meets up with Harry. Was this faith? Read to find out! Hope you like!


7. A first date all over again!

Courtney's P.O.V

Mary went with her boyfriend to their new apartment. So now its just me and mom living in this house. But mom is at work so I am waiting for a txt from harry.

*hey sweetie. I am on my way. In 10 minutes I am coming.* Harry txted.

*Ok! i can't wait to see you. :) by the way, my mom is at work and my sister just left with her boyfriend to go to their new apartment so it is just me right now for about 5 hours.* i txted.

*i can't wait to see you too. and ok. i'm in your driveway right now, babe.* harry txted. i ran out the door and hugged him.

"Your excited to see me!" Harry laughed.

"Yeah!" i replied. We leaned in and we kissed for about 2 minutes where we thought nobody could see. We went inside and i heard a beep from my phone. it was something from twitter.

"@Prettydolphins1 is kissing Harry Styles?! twitpic00000" How did they get this?

"Harry! They got a picture of us kissing." Harry looked at the picture.

"it's not bad actually. it's cute." harry makes me blush all the time. :) Harry got the same picture but he save it as a screensaver. So i saved it as mine too.

"@Prettydolphins1 and Harry Styles are kissing! You guys look so perfect together!" "@Prettydolphins1 and Harry Styles are amazing." "@Prettydolphins1 and Harry are kissing! #cute" Is all I get now on twitter and I have become twitter famous.

We sat on the couch holding hands while watching TV.

"I am really happy, we are together again. Hey I have an idea. How about we go for a walk around London for a while." i asked. He agreed. So, we got up from the couch and harry turned the tv off. We walked out the door and grabbed each others hand as we walked off. We saw people smiling at us and waving at us so we waved back. If I wasn't with him people would walk up to him and ask for pictures. But since i was with him, they hesitated. So, i guess they respect our relationship and wanted to leave us alone. Only 2 asked but that ok. i gave a fan, a bracelet i was wearing. i was wearing 5 of them so i was giving some out for free and had only 3 left. Those won't ever be given to somebody. i will keep them forever.

  One bracelet is from my sister that i got for my birthday, mom got me one from the fair that she won me, and Harry got me a promise bracelet for christmas  that says "I have loved you for a thousand years" from the song Thousand years from Christina Perri. he gave it to me way before the X-Factor audition. Like 5 months before it.  i have never taken it off. The only time is when i HAVE to take it off. When i am in the shower. but then i will put it on immediately after. He even has one too and i saw him wear it in every music video he has been in, every interview, everywhere. including yesturday and right now.

ANYWAYS, we were still walking for about an hour and still not tired. We still have our hands with each others. We were heading to the park but we went the long way to it. We were walking in the snow. it was December here and close to Louis' birthday.

"burrrr" i was really cold.

"Here. I brought an extra hoodie just in case you got cold. I'm giving this one to you. I don't wear it anymore. So i thought you would." he gave me his "Jack Wills" hoodie. So we stopped and i put it on.

"You're still wearing the bracelet i got you a long time ago, eh?" harry asked as he showed me he was wearing his too.

"Well yeah! Since you were on the X-Factor and not with me, it was the only thing that i had left of you." i said as we began walking and held hands again. he laughed. i heard a beep.

"@Prettydolphins1 wearing harry Styles' old jack wills hoodie! Awww! twitpic0000" "@Prettydolphins1 gave me one of her 5 bracelets! yay!" "@Prettydolphins1 you are so lucky to be with harry." i feel so loved.

"Fans really like you, don't they?" harry giggled.

"i guess so." i giggled too. We got into the park and saw a bench and went to go sit.

"Will you like to be my official girlfriend again?" harry asked.

"YES!" We kissed on the bench. I heard a beep.

"@Prettydolphins1 is my official girlfriend! hanging out with her in london! :) :) :) #veryhappy" Harry tweeted. it has about 2,905 retweets and ALOT of favorites! When I saw this I kissed harry for like 5 minutes. We spent the whole day together.

We walked back to my house. Mom still not there. But in about 43 minutes she will be.

"I had an amzing day with you, Courtney. Will i see you tomorrow at the itunes fest to support us?" harry asked.

"I had an amzing day with you too harry! And of course I will be there tomorrow! And i would support you guys even if i wasn't there but I will be!"  I said. Harry and I kissed goodbye.

"I Love You" We both said to each other. When I walked into my home harry txted me.

*I love you, Courtney! :) <3* harry txted.

*I Love you too, Harry! :) <3* I txted back.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I will write another chapter in a little bit. i hope you like it so far! :)

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