The Hunger Games IV: A Wrinkle in Time

The Hunger Games IV is the story of what happens after The Mockingjay and how our heroes lives are turned around by the black magic of President Snow's Grandaughter, Rosaline. To avenge her father she uses magic to travel back in time to the reaping of the 74th Hunger Games and altered the odds so that Katniss and friends must face the danger of the games and rebellion all over again. This time it won't be nearly as easy as before. Katniss and Peeta must face off against both their old foes and new once such as a resurected vampire Prim, werewolf careers, and worst of all Rosaline. However they don't just do it alone they have the help of old friends and new such as Librea Haze, Aeon, and Thornburn. Will they be able to survive the games again and start another rebellion or will they fall to their new enemies? Whatever happens the odds are definately not in their favor.


3. Gale's Lament(Comfortless Power)

   He thought this would be all he wanted.  When he had nothing he dreamt of this, but something was missing. He was alone.  Despite his attempts the newly elected President Gale couldn't forget her.  A month ago his predecessor had died and he had been elected president.  However he wasn't the young man who led the rebellion. He was broken and empty.
  "Why?" he screamed. "Why did I have to make that weapon?" 
   His aide heard him screaming and ran in. 
  "Are you okay?" the girl asked.
  " Fine." he said.
  "Something seems wrong."
  "I didn't ask you to care." 
  "It's my job. I am your aide."
  "If you really must know there's a girl I used to care about.  She hates me for what I've done.  Seven years and not once has she asked for me. Or even sent a letter. "I wish I never did it."
  "Did what did you cheat on her?"
  "We weren't even that close."
  "You sure seem pitiful, pick yourself up and get over it."
  "I've been trying for seven years and still haven't achieved it."
  "Keep trying. Fall in love again."
  "Good advice." Gale chuckled. "So what's your story?"
  " I was actually born into a wealthy Capitol family.  I lost everything in the rebellion.  Though I'm luckier then some. Least I have a job."
  A phone rang in the background.
  "I guess I should get it." Said the aide.
  "Wait what's your name."
  "Sherrie" she said as she left.
  "Fall in love again." Gale bemused. "What an odd paradox I live. Such power yet no one to share it with. I have what other men kill for, yet I envy what even the poorest have. If only I could go back.  Change what I've done.  Even if can't have her love, I'd like her companionship. It'll sure beat the misery I'm living in."
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