Forbidden Love

This story is about a girl named Kate who is Harry Stlyes older sister. She falls in love with Niall but Harry doesn't like that since he is his friend and she is his sister.


4. Surprise Surprise

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Kate's pov:

"Kate will you be my girlfriend?" was all I remember before I was knocked out. 

**Few days later**

I felt someone shaking me and telling me to wake up. The person sounded like Niall. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. I heard the lads tell him that i was going to be okay and that in a few days they would find him. Wait who are they talking about, what do they mean that soon they will find him, who?


**Flash back**

You were about to answer Niall's question but you soon felt a sharp pain in your chest and you hear your ex boyfriends voice. He had stabbed you while you guys were playing truth or dare.


Niall's pov:

She was just laying there motionless after what Anderson did to her. Harry told us that Anderson was Kate's ex boyfriend and that he would abuse her and hit her. Kate didn't deserve someone like that. How could someone be so cruel to such a beautiful girl. All the lads and I spent every second we could with Kate since she was part of our Direction family.


**A  day later**


Niall's pov:

It had been a week since Kate's been inthe hospital and she still hasn't woken up. It was about 7 a.m. when i was with Kate. I saw something different though.I didn't know if I should call the doctor or just wait. I went to go get the doctor because it was a change in Kate that none of us saw since she has been here. The doctor examined Kate and said he had good news. I called the lads and told them to get to the hospital quickly.


Harry's pov:

Niall told us to get to the hospital and fast. When we arrieved at the hospital we found Niall. "Is something wrong with my sister?" "No Harry the doctor has some good news." At that moment the doctor walked into the room. "Whats the good news doctor?" Liam asked. "Well it looks like Kate is out of the coma and could wake up in any second" Was the doctors   answer before he left the room. We all looked at each other and cheered. We must have cheered so loud that Kate ended up waiking up.


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