Forbidden Love

This story is about a girl named Kate who is Harry Stlyes older sister. She falls in love with Niall but Harry doesn't like that since he is his friend and she is his sister.


1. Normal Day

*** Hi my name is Catalina and this is my first story so i hope you guys like it please don't write any hate in the comments and it would be really helpful if u give me some ideas for the chapters thank you so much <3 ***


Kate's pov:

It was the first day of school and everyone was prepared but me. I was new to this school. I had just moved to Ireland from the US so I didn't know anybody yet even though a lot of people might know mw since I am Harry Styles sister. All though I didn't know the other 4 boys in the band and they didn't know me I thought maybe people wouldn't recognize me. The bell rang to go to 1st period and I didn't know where to go. I was looking down at my schedule and accidentally bumped into a really cute boy with blond hair. I dropped all my books because of the impact and bent down to pick them up. The cute boy helped me pick up my books. "What's your name?" I asked him. "My name is Niall, what's your name?" Niall asked. "My name is Kate, nice to meet you Niall" I said back to be kind and get to know him. "What a beautiful name love" He said to me. He looked down at my schedule and saw that I had 1st,3rd,4th,and 6th period with him so he smiled. He looked up at me and just smiled "We have 4 classes together so I'll show you around"


Niall's pov:

I told Kate that we had 4 classes together and that I would show her around. She just looked at me and blushed. She was really beautiful but I didn't know if I should tell her or not. "You are really beautiful" I said without thinking to Kate. She just stood there and blushed more than the first time. We headed to 1st period and of course we were late since we were in the hallway talking. The teacher and everyone else in the room looked and Kate surprised for some reason. I thought maybe it was because she was with me since I'm part of the famous boy band One Direction. A few seconds later the teacher told me to sit down. He kept Kate up there and told her to introduce herself to the class. "Hi my name is Kate Styles and as some of you may know I have a younger brother that is one of the singers in the band One Direction and his name is Harry Styles" she said introducing her self. I didn't know she was Harry's older sister. I thought those curls, green eyes, and cheeky smile looked familiar. She sat in the seat next to mine so it was my chance to ask her if I looked familiar to her.


Kate's pov:

I sat next to Niall since he was the only person I knew in the entire class. He looked at me in shock after he found out I was Harry's older sister. "Are you really Harry's sister?" he asked with his husky voice. "Yea sorry I didn't tell you this before but I just didn't want anyone to use me to get close to Harry" I told him. He just smiled like he understood but he also looked like he was thinking about something. I passed him a note that said 'is something wrong'.'Oh its nothing I'll tell you later all right' was what he wrote back. I turned to look at him and I nodded in response.

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